The Reality Blog: Use “Mental Repositioning” To Get A Higher Income With Less Stress

Dear Web Writer,

Is it really that important that we be creative as web writers?

Well, if you want a high income … quickly … while doing as little work as possible … then the answer is YES.

While you can certainly be an effective writer if you follow templates and churn out predictable headlines, nobody’s going to beat down your door and beg you to write for them.

It’s the creative writers who go beyond what’s expected and present their clients with extraordinary ideas. They’re the ones who break the mold and surpass “normal” career success. And, they’re the ones who have clients begging for more.

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Why You Should “Create Distance” Between Yourself And Your Problems

I’ve spent the week researching this. Part of it is in honor of August’s “Get-Rich” theme. As it turns out, many of the richest people in the world are entrepreneurs.

That’s because entrepreneurship is one of the fastest roads to income mobility. And, a lot of high-income earners also tend to be highly creative.

This means it’s to your advantage to cultivate your creativity.

There are lots of ways to do this, but I’m particularly keen on using psychological distance as a creativity booster (here’s an article I wrote on how to do that).

The gist of psychological distance is to mentally distance yourself from a problem. You can either look at it from someone else’s point of view, or you can mentally boot the problem to another time and place.

So, let’s say you need a paying client, now. That’s stressful. When you’re stressed, it’s tough to write effective copy and to brainstorm clever ways to connect with prospects.

Instead, you pretend your problem is someone else’s. Or, you tell yourself it’s something you’ll be tackling six months from now.

By removing the immediate and personal angst of the problem, your resourcefulness and originality get freed up. It’s as if stress drowns out their potential. Take away the stress, and they return to do your bidding.

Predictability Keeps You Stagnant, Creativity Moves You Forward

Psychological distance strikes me as one of the easier ways to ramp up your creativity. No brainstorming, no mind teasers … just straight-up mental repositioning.

I discovered something else while researching this topic. Turns out, I could really use this technique to my advantage.

You see, I’ve been dragging my feet on a few goals lately.

It all boils down to landing new clients. I need to do it. I’ve said I’d do it. It’s the only way I’m going to reach my goals …

But, even at this late point in my career, the idea of pursuing brand-new connections makes me squeamish.

I much prefer the predictability I have with my current clients. I know what they want, how they want it, and what they’ll pay.

Basically, I’m in a comfortable rut.

How To “Un-Freak” Yourself

All this month, I’ve been talking about what separates the truly wealthy from people who just get by. One thing is clear, and that’s the fact that the wealthy never just “settle.”

If I settle for what I’ve already achieved as a web writer, I’ll be comfortable … and paid … but I’ll never go beyond what I’ve already accomplished.

The problem is, I remember the stress of pursuing new clients when I was just beginning this career. I had a lot riding on it, and I didn’t want to fail.

That’s the same story, even now. It doesn’t matter that I’ve succeeded to some degree. I need to keep pushing. Until now, I didn’t know how to do that.

I’m fairly confident I’ve found my answer. I firmly believe in the power of the mind, and if I can use psychological distance to “un-freak” myself out, and come up with greater, more original approaches to my business goals, then sign me up!

Does this sound like it might work for you? What projects will you tackle with it?


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