Roving Report: Shine When You Present Your Next Proposal

“When someone calls you because they’re interested in your web-writing services, they may have found you through online search, a referral, LinkedIn, or some other method. No matter how they found you, they’re looking to you to be the professional guide.

“When you have a formal proposal process, you’re establishing that professional adviser role.  You’re not an order taker, not one of a gazillion web writers on, you’re a professional adviser. That shows you’ll be a mature, grounded guide through the whole process.”

Pam Foster is all about process. On August 24th, Pam explained how having systems and a regular procedure in place can help web copywriters with their proposals. “I set up a system for myself a few years ago,” Pam told us, “and it helps me to keep my brain straight when I’m juggling lots of different things.”

The time to prepare is before a prospect ever asks you for a proposal. For Wealthy Web Writers, here’s what being prepared looks like:

  1. Have a professional system in place
  2. Establish a fee schedule
  3. Know your prospect’s mission
  4. Apply your system to each prospect’s mission
  5. Go with confidence

You can listen to Pam’s entire webinar and download a copy of her slide show HERE.

Pam’s seven-step process will help you know what to do, what to say, and what to charge.

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