Sharpen Your Expertise: Watch Out For This Quicksand Trap When Creating Your Freelance Website

Dear Web Writer,


I’ve been steeped in life as a web writer for a while now, but I’m still blown away by John Wood’s recent article on How to Market Your Freelance Writing Website so that Potential Clients Find You and Fall Over Backward to Hire You.

Go ahead and read it. It’s extremely well-written and cram-packed with every step you should take to launch a seriously-effective freelancing website.

But what I particularly like is John’s frank writing manner: Do this, and you’ll get noticed.

He’s right, you know.

A lot of us — myself included — tend to infuse our websites with too much emotion.

We get waylaid by thoughts like, “What will this header say about me?” and “Does this background color really communicate I’m a professional?”

After that, we’re tripped up by writing the copy itself. “I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging … ” and “I’ve never even had a client — is it wrong to call myself a professional?”

Sometimes, all the what-does-this-say-about-me voices just need to be IGNORED. Otherwise, it’s impossible to move on.

Perhaps even more important is to ignore the what-will-others-think voices. Because that’s another quicksand trap to failure.

Let me put it this way. Most of us have someone from our past we’d like to just forget. Maybe it’s a former boyfriend or girlfriend, or a previous business associate. It could be an old boss, or even an ex-friend.

Maybe you had a rotten falling-out with this person, and you cringe at the thought of ever meeting them on the street because you’re sure it would lead to an altercation.

But now, you’re about to put yourself out there on the Internet. Alarm bells are going off in your head because it feels like the equivalent of putting yourself out there in the middle of that street. That rotten someone from your past can find you anywhere, anytime.

Well … true. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. More importantly, you can’t let it matter. Here’s why:

  • Life as a freelancer brings freedom. You’re not free if you’re stuck in a shadow from your past.
  • Independence is essential in this field. You’ve got to stand out and shine, or you won’t get noticed.
  • Chances are good that the other person wants to forget you, too. Even if that’s not the case, live as if it is.
  • You are worth it. You’ve already shown you have gumption by sticking your neck out to learn online copywriting and exploring this lifestyle. Now go full-circle. You’ve earned it.
  • You can’t be afraid of what lies ahead of you. True, it’ll probably be bigger and better than you ever imagined … but that’s exactly why it’s time to go for it.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20, even 30 years? Hopefully not still shadowed by your fears of being judged. Think about your family, career, and personal goals, and focus on what you want instead of what you want to avoid.

I’ll concede it’s not always easy to let go of a bad relationship. I agree; I’ve been there.

I think the most important thing you can do is agree that you deserve better than what you have. You deserve to live life on your own terms and to spend every day writing about things you enjoy.

Don’t worry about other people judging you. Don’t worry about specific people judging you. Instead, focus only on your colleagues in this industry (find us in the forum). That’s where you’ll get helpful critiques and focused suggestions, not judgment.

In sum, follow John’s advice. Put your website together, and put your very best effort into it. Let go of anything from your past that invites fear. Embrace all the good that will come of putting yourself out there and shouting to the world that you’re ready to take-off.

To sharpening your expertise,

Your Reality Blogger & Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Member


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