The Reality Blog: Meet Marianne Foscarini

Making a porcelain vase with clay,ready for firing in a kiln

Can old dogs learn new tricks? Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer on TV says they can. And I believe him.

I’m an ‘old dog’ … retired, past my prime (whatever that is), and embarking on a new career in copywriting. Over the next 12 months, I’m stepping into my fear and going public with my desire to be a successful, professional copywriter in my senior years.

Hi, I’m Marianne, one of Wealthy Web Writer’s three new Reality Bloggers.

I may not be of the canine persuasion, but I have the determination of any working breed out there … a sled dog pulls many pounds of weight across snow … I’m going to pull in many new customers across the Internet to meet my goals.

Here’s What This Means For You …

I believe that if we follow the path laid down for us by Wealthy Web Writer and AWAI, we cannot help but succeed. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what background you’re from, or even what country you live in. Determination and FOCUS are the keys for success.

When I first joined Wealthy Web Writer in the fall of 2010, I was awed by Mindy’s courage to go public with her goal of breaking the six-figure income that year. And she did it!

Mindy confessed to not being the most organized person … and so do I. I also know I’m not the best writer out there … I’m slow in getting my writing done because I edit as I go.

Writing is art … like the potter who takes a lump of clay and spins it on the potter’s wheel, I need to relax and dump all my words (clay) onto my monitor (potter’s wheel). Trying to make something creative by sticking just a piece of material to another piece is a waste of time. Plus, you risk it becoming unglued in the end.

I also get distracted far too easily. I procrastinate. I make excuses for myself.

Even so, I have made big progress in the past year because I jump into action with deadlines … other people’s deadlines. But if I give myself a deadline, I cop out.

If I expect to pull my weight to meet my goals, I need to make some changes this year.

I have 3 major goals in 2013 …

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Marianne Foscarini

Helps Christian business owners improve their online presence and increase their customer base and profits through online/website/SEO content marketing and social media presence


  • Hi Marianne, Great post! I love your goals and your analogy about clay. I’m looking forward to reading your posts for many reasons, but mainly because focusing is always an issue for me and I’m always looking for advice to get better.

  • Hi Marianne,
    Great post, and very inspiring!
    In reading your post, it doesn’t sound like you’re past your prime to me! 🙂
    I look forward to co-blogging with you and Christina! Here’s to a great year!
    Cheers, Jim.

  • Hi Marianne!
    Good luck on keeping your focus and meeting your goals this year! I’m sure taking on the Reality Blog challenge is a great start to that!

    I’d love to hear more about how you used LinkedIn to get results and how you acquired those first few customers.

    I’m just getting started in this myself, so looking forward to reading more. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!

    John Mullen

  • You are always such an inspiration, Marianne! Thank you for your courage in discussing the things you struggle with. I have been recently battling to focus after a few life changes, but hope to continue drawing great tips from you to help me keep moving forward.

  • Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! This Reality Blog makes it very real.

    John, thank you for the suggestion to discuss LinkedIn. I’ll do that soon in one of the upcoming blogs.


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