12 Templates to Help You Start Any Web-Writing Project … Fast

Have you ever experienced “Writer’s Panic”? That uncomfortable moment when you’ve said yes to a new project but then realize you have no idea where to begin?

This happens to every writer sooner or later. It happens to new writers and seasoned writers. It most commonly occurs on types of projects that you’re less familiar with, but it can even strike as you start a project similar to those you’ve done a dozen times before.

In this new, exclusive Wealthy Web Writer report, 12 Templates to Help You Start Any Web-Writing Project … Fast, you get the tools you need to set “Writer’s Panic” aside and simply get started no matter what you’re working on. Inside, you’ll find basic project structures, common goals for different types of projects, and questions you should plan to ask before getting started … plus much more.

Project types include:

  • Home page copy
  • Social media campaigns
  • PPC Ad campaigns
  • Landing page copy
  • Blogging
  • SEO copy
  • Autoresponder email copy
  • E-letter writing
  • Email promotions
  • Video script copy
  • White paper copy
  • Case study copy

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104 thoughts on “12 Templates to Help You Start Any Web-Writing Project … Fast”

  1. Thanks Header! The templates are a treasure. I am interested in Home pages plus, but! I am really trying to find out where am I at in my blog http://www.thia-basilia.com. I don’t know what am I doing? I think I have been building whether my tribe or platform? I think I have a unique niche = Innovative Approach to Mental Insanity? How can I find me somebody to hold my hand just to point me in the right direction? Thanks. 🙂

  2. People, the link is highlighted in green, “12 Templates To Help You Start Any Web-Writing Project-Fast” just click on it and it will start downloading immediately.

        1. I am sorry. I thought I was a Platinum Member of WWW. I guess I’m not. I do pay a monthly membership fee, but I’m not sure what I get for it. I used to have access to all articles, but not since the format changed.

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