Investing for Ultra-High Returns on the Web

Would you like to earn ultra-high returns marketing your web-writing business?

If most of your marketing efforts are focused on getting clients, you may find yourself in a discouraging cycle …

Spending days at networking events angling for business cards … wasting money and time sending busy marketers self-promotion letters and postcards (who in turn send them straight to the trash can) … putting effort into phone call after phone call with zero to show for it …

And for many us, this means we grow increasingly frustrated as we haggle for pennies and chase after Scrooges.

Yet, if you stay in the game long enough, you’ll eventually earn a reputation for doing good work. And create a reliable referral system from past clients.

But, for most writers, that takes time.

However, there’s a shortcut to getting a bigger return on your self-promotion efforts as well as work you complete for clients. It’s a simple lesson any web writer can apply and is illustrated well in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Who Took My Money?

In it, Kiyosaki explains how to combine business, paper assets, and real estate assets to get ultra-high returns from your investments. People across the globe have used this strategy to grow their wealth.

Now, you can elevate your web-writing career a notch using this advice.


When writing for the Web, there are also three “asset” classes. Tap into only one class, you’ll see only small returns. But when you apply all three, you can make more money. And, build a strong business faster … without all the headaches.

What are these asset classes?

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  1. Jerry Bures says:

    Great article, Desiree! Thanks for sharing.

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