Master Your To-Do List With Wunderlist

To-Do List

To-Do ListAs a freelancer, you know how important productivity is to your business. You need to keep on top of your projects, your emails, your finances, your marketing, well, you know, everything. You also know it can be difficult because you are all things to your business: writer, project manager, scheduler, and banker.

You can find a ton of “Getting Things Done” (or GTD) systems and apps out there. You may have tried a few of the more popular productivity systems, like David Allen’s Getting Things Done® or Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix. However, they might not have worked for you. As our very own Heather Robson explained in a webinar on the subject, “I’ve studied lots of productivity systems. All of them work well for me — on some days.” And that’s the key: Finding one that works for you most of the time.

Since Heather’s webinar, a raft of new productivity systems and apps have appeared. One that I’ve been using with success lately is Wunderlist. It’s a popular GTD app that has versions for all major platforms and devices (Web, iOS, and Android), which means you can use it pretty much anywhere.

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Julia Borgini

Julia is a copywriter & content marketing strategist who helps B2B companies generate more revenue from their content marketing programs. With her 15+ years experience as a technical writer for B2B tech companies and 6+ years as a copywriter & content marketer, Julia is the trusted Geek insider who can make even the most complex tech subjects seem simple. Her clients trust her to uncover & show off the benefits of any kind of tech product or service, from SaaS software solutions to insurance adjudication software, video games infrastructure to hardware security key fobs. Julia is happy to share her tech knowledge and content marketing insights with Wealthy Web Writer members. Chat with her on Twitter @juliaborgini


  • Hi Julia, Great article. I especially like the simplicity, yet allows specifics. I’m going to try it. Thanks!

  • Hi Julia,

    I have been a huge Wunderlist fan for several years. It really, really clicked with me. Then they made some “improvements” and it was suddenly much less useful. I got so annoyed I stopped using it altogether for a while. Now I’m giving it another chance.

    It’s amazing how a small change can really change your whole relationship with a productivity tool — reinforcing Heather Robson’s message that you need to find one that resonates with you. What heinous crime did Wunderlist commit to lose my love? They took away my smart dates!

    For a while, you could type in a new task and add the words “today,” “tomorrow” or “on Wednesday” to add the date. So simple, streamlined and easy, especially if you like using the keyboard instead of the mouse. Now adding dates feels cumbersome to me. If they’d bring back smart dates, I’d probably be a very happy camper again.

    Bottom line? It’s a really good tool, it’s available and syncs across multiple platforms, and it’s worth a try if you don’t already have a task management tool you love.

    • I can see how that would be annoying Susanna. I tried & dropped many a tool that wouldn’t let me put in a due date or reminder date. Seriously, what’s the point of having a To Do list if I don’t know when something’s due? 😉

  • Thanks Julia, i have been considering different ‘to do list’ options and will definitely give Wunderlist a try. It is a bonus when a respected peer spells out the ‘how to’ details so clearly!

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