15 Minutes to Fame: A Simple Equation

Behind Every Successful Promotion is an Engaging Idea

Last night was the first night of Web Intensive. Nick Usborne kicked off the event with a simple formula for success.

First, start with something you are gifted at and that you love to do. In terms of web writing, this will direct what kind of writing you do and what kind of clients you work with.

Next, add in a healthy dose of creativity. Creativity is doing hard work that feels easy because it’s so much fun. Make a real commitment to turning in the very best work you can to your clients … even if that client is you.

Then, focus on landing work that is meaningful to you or produces results that are meaningful for you.

Taking this approach leads to happiness — and happiness is what leads to success.

Nick calls this a “virtuous cycle.” When you fall into this cycle, you’ll find yourself at your best and you’ll see more growth in your success. And the key to all this starts with focusing on your gifts.

New on the Site

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Mark Your Calendars

On February 26th, Jay White joins Wealthy Web Writer for a live event on how you can get started as an email writer. Email marketing continues to thrive and companies need good email writers, so you don’t want to miss this.

Then on February 28th, Reality Bloggers Jim Wright, Christina Gillick, and Marianne Foscarini are coming together for a live interview on how you can build on last year’s successes to make this year even better.

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That’s all for now. Make it a great week!


Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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