Organize Anything (or Everything) with Trello


Some apps — like my much-loved Evernote — are widely popular for their ability to help you remember everything.

But, what happens when you take them up on their offer to remember literally “everything” — from the fact that your living room trim color is Antique Lace to remembering your dog’s favorite treats are Cesar® Softies in filet mignon flavor?

You wind up with 3,132 notes, 100+ notebooks, 114 notes to “file later,” and 223 notes in a “read someday” notebook.

In other words … a disorganized mess!

Sure, you can use the “search” function to find anything quickly and easily — and it works great!

But, how can you pull all those notes together into a task list, article list, gift list, shopping list, or inspiration list?

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Christina Gillick


  • Christina,

    I like the idea but,maybe it’s just me, I’m always a little suspicious when such a useful tool is free. I like to err on the side of caution.


  • Wow, this looks great! I’m definitely going to try it. I’ve tried Wunderlist (used to love it, not so much any more), Evernote (too disorganized), Teamwork PM (too time consuming). Thanks, Christina.

  • Wow – this reminds me a lot of my beloved (but long defunct) Writers Blocks! I’ve been searching for an updated version, and I think you’ve just pointed it out to me!

    Looking forward to trying it – thanks!

  • This is a great tool, thanks for the tips Christina. I’ve been using it with an author friend of mine and his publisher, as I’m copyediting his latest book. Since we’re all located around the world, it’s great to have everything in one spot. Click & drag things around, attach images or files, it’s so great!

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