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CareerI’m very cliché. It’s the New Year, so I’m thinking about fitness goals. I’m thinking about exercise routines and schedules and losing weight and being healthier… all that New Year’s jazz.

Over the years, I’ve undertaken a number of different exercise routines and workout plans. Some of them, I’ve stuck with for months. Some of them… for less.

And I was wondering… This year, how do I avoid those false starts?

But then I realized something… my on-again, off-again relationship with a consistent workout routine hasn’t really been about false starts.

Sometimes it’s been about something working for a time and then, for any number of reasons, no longer working.

I haven’t always been Johnny-on-the-spot about getting into a new routine when that happens.

And sometimes, it’s been about trying routines on until I figure out what works for my life in its current variation of blissful craziness.

These aren’t false starts.

In the first case, they’re me running the race, and finishing… and then needing to find a new race.

In the second case, they’ve been practice starts.

A false start means you’re out of the race. You don’t get to run. You’re disqualified. False starts really don’t happen that often in real life.

But if you watch a runner warming up for a race, they’ll set up in the starting blocks and they’ll practice starting several times. They do that so when race time comes, they’re ready to fire off the starting line like a rocket.

As writers, we don’t have false starts. We have practice starts.

So next time you find yourself feeling frustrated that you haven’t gotten off to the start you intended, think of it as a practice start. Learn what you can, adjust your form, and give it another try.

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

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