How to Give Your Prospect What He Really Wants

What Do You Want ?

What Do You Want ?That sounds a bit grand, I know.

But isn’t that the ultimate intention of every piece of copy we write — to help the prospect achieve his goals, improve his life, win over the competition, and fulfil his dreams…?

Granted, there isn’t a single product that can give your prospect everything he wants.

The trick is figuring out how the product fulfils some of what he wants.

There are two steps to achieving this.

  • Find out what the prospect really desires.

  • Expose the deeper benefits of your product that match up with those desires.

You can easily accomplish Step #2 using the ‘So what?’ technique — ask the question ‘So what?’ as you drill for deeper benefits of your products.

Let’s look at this technique using a reusable glass water bottle as an example:

One benefit is that you won’t risk exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) found in plastic bottles.

So what?

BPA is hazardous to health. You won’t put your health at risk.

So what?

You will live a happy, healthy life with your family.

You get the idea.

Step #1 is a little trickier.

To figure this out, you have to go beyond learning about your prospect from data sheets and demographics to picturing what his ‘perfect life’ might be like (as it relates to the product).

There are a few techniques to help you develop a fleshed out picture of that ‘perfect’ life.

  1. Reverse planning: This is a way to arrive at what want the prospect has that your product can fulfil by working your way from the most fantastic to the most achievable.

    Come up with the most extraordinary, even fantastic version of the life your prospect might want. Then slowly start paring it down to the realm of future possibility, and then to what can be achieved now with the help of the product.

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Ria Ghose

Ria Ghose studied computer science and mathematics in college and followed it up with an MBA. But she ultimately summoned the courage to follow her heart and become a writer. For eight years she wrote for the education industry, helping students get into top schools. After receiving her training from AWAI, Ria is currently working as a freelance B2B copywriter.

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