The Summer Content Challenge

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Get ready, Wealthy Web Writers!

We have a new Challenge for you. It’s our Summer 2017 Content Challenge.

The goal of this Challenge is to help you build out your website… to improve your writing skills… to grow your credibility as a writer and as an expert in your niche… to help you attract more traffic to your site… to build out your portfolio of professional work… and to increase your online presence overall.

That’s a pretty big goal! And a lot of potential upside for you as a web writer.

So, let’s get on to the guidelines…

Participation Requirements

To join in this contest, you need to be a member of Wealthy Web Writer. (Not a member? You can join us here.)

You must have a website or launch a website by the contest end date of July 31st. Your website is where you’ll be posting your content, which is why it’s required.

The good news is that you’ll be creating great content for your website, so even if you don’t have one yet, now is the perfect time to put that together. (We can even help you do it — check out this tutorial.)

Here’s What You Do…

This Challenge is all about creating great content that appeals to your niche audience. It can be anything. You can write blog posts. You can shoot videos. You can make infographics… podcasts… checklists… slide shows… articles… white papers… case studies… whatever floats your boat. (Visit the 3-Minute Guru archive where you can find how to videos on adding different types of content to your WordPress site.)

Between now and July 31st, add at least 10 new pieces of original content to your website. And every time you add content to your site, share the link here in the comments.

Adding two posts to your website in a single day? Share two links in your comment.

Website not launched until July 31st? No problem. Share all 10 links that same day.

When you share links to your content, we’ll share those links with our audience on Facebook and Twitter. (Added perk!)

And once the Content Challenge closes on July 31st, the Wealthy Web Writer team will review the content posted by everyone who shared at least 10 links.

Here’s where things get fun.

“Tell ‘em what they’ve won…” 

From the pool of entries who completed the Challenge by making 10 content additions to their sites between June 19th and July 31st and sharing the links here, a winner will be selected. The winner will be chosen based on a review done by the Wealthy Web Writer team.

The winner will receive six free months of access to Wealthy Web Writer and an hour-long brainstorming/coaching session with Wealthy Web Writer’s Managing Editor, Heather Robson, to help you build your business. (The session will be recorded and posted to Wealthy Web Writer for your fellow members to benefit from.)

What are you waiting for?

That’s all there is to it. Get creating!

If you have questions, post them below.

Oh, and here are a few articles on Wealthy Web Writer to help you create great content for your site!

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Great Content for Visitors, Search, and Social

Now, let’s getting to creating some brilliant content!

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