Link Your Client to Success: 7 Steps to a Standout LinkedIn Profile

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Clients from various industries often tell me how much they hate tooting their own horns. And even those who do enjoy promoting their accomplishments often struggle to do it eloquently.

So it’s not surprising that individuals from newbies to industry leaders reach out to writers like us to craft or polish their LinkedIn profiles.

A good copywriter can build a standout profile that catches attention, highlights the qualities that make your client truly unique, and provides proof of your client’s capabilities.

By steering the conversation with your client from the very beginning, you’ll be able to navigate these seven steps and deliver a truly effective LinkedIn profile for them:

1.) Dream build      

When writing a LinkedIn profile, most writers tend to open with and prioritize information about a professional’s past work experience. But your client is hiring you to help pave a path to their future! Try to extract your clients’ visions of their career destination first. Do it casually. Be diplomatic. Disarm them and entice them to divulge their dreams. Allow them to briefly describe how they’d like to be perceived and what mark they’d like to someday make on their industry or business.

Ask them to write down how they would like to hear peers speak of them in the future, when they reach their career or life goal.

Note: If they hate to write, let them speak and you do the scribbling. This first step must be a pleasant icebreaker and trust forger — after all, you are about to become the keeper of their visions.

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