How to Choose a Tablet for Your Web Writing (Part 1)

How To Choose a TabletAs web writers and solopreneurs, we often work anywhere, and anytime, we can.

That may mean sitting at the café, while waiting for appointments, or even lounging on the beach.

Fortunately, working away from a desk has never been easier.

You can grab a tablet (and maybe a charger) and do just about everything you can with your much heavier laptop.

In this two-part series, I’ll be sharing information you need to choose a tablet that will suit you, your lifestyle, and your “workstyle.”

In this article, I’ll share some of the reasons tablets are a great choice for web writers and give you some insight into your options. In Part 2, I’ll share a seven-point checklist you can use to pick one that will exactly meet your needs.

Since the focus of this article is on work purposes, I’m looking at tablets from the perspective of using them to do your web writing. That includes writing documents, image editing, and the ability to access the Web for researching and posting content.

These activities are much different than getting a tablet to play games or watch videos (though no one will be judging you if you try to catch up on Game of Thrones too).

But before we get started, let’s go over the reasons why you’d want to use a tablet in the first place.

Why Use a Tablet

You may be thinking about getting a tablet for your work, but haven’t been able to justify whether you need it or not. Here are some reasons that might help with the decision:

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  • Excellent article Crystle. You are totally correct about Kindles. I’ve had one for five years. It’s terrific for reading books and playing games. I decided last week to check out their web capability for email. It’s slow, cumbersome, and goes off track. I love it for the book reading. I’m checking out your list for a tablet for my writing work.
    Thank you!

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