Successful Service Strategies for Websites

A popular movie, Me Before You, came out early this year.


If something about that title niggled annoyingly in the back of your mind… if something felt almost like a mistake…

It may be a sign that web writing is the right career choice for you.

In fact, if you have anything to do with the process of getting a website optimized for visitor use, then your personal movie title and motto should be

“Them Before Us”

Making a business work on the Web is different from making a business work in a brick-and-mortar store. And that means the materials you write have to be different, too.

Imagine the movie titles you might apply to big-brand businesses:

  • Our Convenience Before Yours (Walmart)
  • Advertisements that Benefit Us (Walgreens)
  • Deals that Work for Our Family (Family Dollar)
  • My Music Tastes Before Yours (Well, all of them)

The trick to really helping your clients’ businesses succeed online is to turn these mantras around.

Your Convenience Before Ours — Always

A good online experience starts with a great website.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

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