Website Homepage Practice Assignment Review

Date: February 2nd, 2018
Time: 12pm, noon
Topic: Web Writing
Presenter: Heather Robson

One of the fastest ways to improve your skills is to receive feedback on your work, preferably from someone who is either familiar with  the type of project you’re working on, or from someone in your target audience.

Another way to quickly improve your skills is to observe the feedback other writers have received.

This event gives you the perfect opportunity to do one or the other.

This month Wealthy Web Writer launched Practice Assignments. Each month members will receive an assignment brief and can submit their work for the chance to be reviewed.

January’s assignment is to write homepage copy for a website. You can see the full details of that assignment and how to submit here.

During this event, Managing Editor, Heather Robson will select and review up to three submissions. She’ll go carefully through each, exploring how they deliver on the criteria in the assignment brief, noting what is working well and making suggestions for improvement.

Join us to get deep insights into writing stronger homepage copy.

This event is reserved content for Wealthy Web Writer Platinum members. To join us, log in or become a member today.

11 thoughts on “Website Homepage Practice Assignment Review”

  1. Hello! I’m having trouble accessing the full details and submission information on the January assignment. I want to complete the work, but I can’t open any of the documents. Would you help me, please?

    Thank you,
    Wanda Romain

  2. I missed this one as well, a little confused as to whether this was to be submitted in a ‘word’ document or actually create a ‘wordpress’ homepage.

  3. I hope you get many nice comments and fair share of appreciation from members, because you deserve it. Thanks for the excellent work that you put into your presentations. Really enjoyed those appraisals too.

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