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Andrew is on a mission to change his lifestyle. He can no longer ignore the lure of Australia’s wide-open spaces and isolation. Andrew and his wife are experienced remote travelers and will live the simple life on the road. Andrew plans to build his web writing business, while living and working out of a 4x4 truck and camper. A unique experience. Andrew lives and works in Australia.

Reality Blog Challenge: Networking by Stealth

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Attend a networking event in a niche you’re passionate about… you might be pleasantly surprised. Here’s one story about how this kind of setting can yield great results.

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Reality Blog Challenge: Getting Clients — Will You Survive the Call?

Does the thought of talking to a prospect on the phone make you feel a bit spooked? You’re not alone. In this Reality Blog Challenge, Andrew Murray shows you his call preparation process… and shares his success with this strategy.

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Reality Blog Challenge: Money-Making Websites—Do You Have the Key Ingredient for Success?

There’s a key trait you need when building Money-Making Websites if you want to succeed. Find out what this trait is and how it can much such a difference to your success.

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Reality Blog Challenge: The Secret to Choosing Your Writing Niche… It’s Easier Than You Think!

There’s a secret to choosing your writing niche that will help you land on a niche you’re excited about and that offers good prospects. Learn what it is.

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