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Ria Ghose studied computer science and mathematics in college and followed it up with an MBA. But she ultimately summoned the courage to follow her heart and become a writer. For eight years she wrote for the education industry, helping students get into top schools. After receiving her training from AWAI, Ria is currently working as a freelance B2B copywriter.

Oust Your Conscious Mind and Generate Your Big Idea

By Ria Ghose | January 24, 2017

Come up with a groundbreaking Big Idea for your next promo, by getting out of the way of your best ideas. Oust your conscious mind and see what happens.

How to Give Your Prospect What He Really Wants

By Ria Ghose | January 11, 2017

To write a successful sales letter, you have to figure out what your prospect wants and then figure out how your product delivers. Use these four strategies to help the process.

How to Get Comfortable in Your Prospect’s Shoes

By Ria Ghose | November 22, 2016

Getting to know your audience is essential to writing successful copy or content. Go beyond the normal research with these 3 extra-thorough strategies.

Bulking Up Your Portfolio with Just One Piece of Content

By Ria Ghose | January 7, 2016

This simply business building strategy can also help you give more weight and variety. Find out how to bulk up your portfolio the smart way!