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I reside in North Brunswick, NJ, with my wife, Lynn, and daughters Kasey, Jaclyn, and Shelly. We also have a 110 pound, lovable Rottie named Leo that keeps us on our toes! When we're not hard at work we enjoy spending weekends at our bungalow down the Jersey shore, or take extended trips to Walt Disney World as members of the Disney Vacation Club. For kicks, I draw on my dominant "right-brain" and play guitar in classic rock and blues bands, act for local plays and independent productions, and enjoy writing creative fiction. I'm a published author in short fiction and stage plays and a graduate of a local community college's Commercial Writer's Certificate Program. After graduating from the program I was selected as an instructor and taught "Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror" writing for 8 years. I enjoy many fine relationships I made with my students to this day.

Six Ways to Make Your Business Card Work to Your Advantage

By John Torre | May 17, 2018

The business card is an invaluable tool for networking in the business world… if you know how to use them. They remain the most universal and simple means of exchanging professional information, and can be the first step in building profitable relationships. Here’s how to use them…

Seven Tips for Taking on a Difficult Project

By John Torre | May 3, 2018

When you take on a big, difficult project, it can be daunting. Where do you start? How do you keep track of everything? It’s enough to make you second guess whether or not you should have said yes. But keep these things in mind and you’ll manage big projects with ease.

Nine Ways to Improve Your Productivity

By John Torre | April 26, 2018

Good productivity opens the doors to many benefits, such as additional assignments and higher levels of compensation for your expertise. Use these nine methods to improve your productivity so that you can enjoy the advantages of getting more done.

customer loyalty concept

Six Tips for Building Client Loyalty

By John Torre | April 19, 2018

Client loyalty is valuable. It can help your business grow faster through repeat and referral clients. And it makes your business stronger because when cutbacks happen, your services aren’t on the chopping block. See how to cultivate client loyalty.

10 Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills

By John Torre | April 12, 2018

Good communication skills are essential to a smoothly running business and solid client relationships. When you take the time to practice good communication, you’ll avoid misunderstandings, false starts on projects, and other embarrassing situations.

6 Tips for Making a Strong First Impression

By John Torre | April 5, 2018

First impressions can have a huge impact on whether or not we land the client and pick up the project. If you regularly practice these six habits, you’ll make good impressions everywhere you go… and that will make growing your business easier.

Six Tips for Communicating with Clients on a Project

By John Torre | March 29, 2018

Every client is different. They have different ideas about how a project will go and different preferences when it comes to communication. Here you’ll find six tips that will help you when communicating with clients, so everything goes smoothly.

Six Ways to Use Sales Letters in Your Copywriting Business

By John Torre | March 22, 2018

You have likely put a lot of time into studying how to create powerful sales letters. It is time well spent, too, because like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Here’s a look at how to use sales letters to land clients and build your business.