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Build Your Business… Grow Your Income

We’ve divided this general category into several subcategories to make your “Business life” a bit easier:

Business Basics: Learn about the things that enable you to effectively grow your business, increase your income, stay organized, and keep more of what you make in your pocket! That’s the basics of running a business, which is what you’ll be doing.

Getting Clients: Unless you’re simply building your own money-making web sites, you’ll probably want some clients to pay your way through your web copywriting life. In this category, we provide you with tips, ideas, and suggestions on how to go out there and get the best, highest paying, and most appreciative clients.

Marketing: Unlike the “Getting Clients” category, this section is more about the art and practice of marketing. We’ll provide you with ideas on how you can promote your own business to a wider audience, and give you ways that you can add value to your clients and earn a higher income by offering more services.

Working With Clients: Once you’ve got some clients to work with, what do you do next? Here, we’ll give you a hand with things like contracts, negotiation, and up-selling your services so that you can easily turn a $2,000 project into a $20,000 project!

Reality Blog: Keep Calm and Click Connect

One of the easiest ways to build your business is through the connections you have. And social media gives you a way to dramatically expand your number of connections. In this Reality Blog, find some ideas on using social media to grow your network and ultimately land more clients.

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Reality Blog: What Science Fiction Has to Do with Copywriting

As a freelancer, you can choose your niche and your clients, as well as what products you promote. You don’t have to write for a client you don’t trust. And you shouldn’t promote a product that you can’t get behind 100%. Check out this story that brings that point home…

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Learn to Make Quick, Confident Decisions

As writers and freelancers, we make dozens of decisions every day. And all those decisions accumulate to take a mental toll… which means it can get harder to make important decisions as the day wears on. Find out how to combat this decision fatigue.

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Writing a Perfect Indoctrination Series for Your Clients

Learn about using an indoctrination series to build a better connection with new subscribers to your email list, so you can make a better return on your list-building investments.

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Member Update: Being Authentic

Being authentic is powerful. But too many people try to manufacture authenticity. True authenticity means letting go of what people think… not trying to make them think a specific thing. Find out the questions you can ask to test your own authenticity.

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Reality Blog: How I Plan to Get My Act Together in One Month

Ready to get serious about your writing business? In this Reality Blog, Tracy shares some good news, and then gives you an inside look at her evaluation of what she needs to do better and her specific plans for making it happen.

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Establish Yourself As a Professional From Day One

Doing professional site audits gives you a way to connect with new clients, establish your expertise, line up new work… and get paid for the whole process. Here’s an inside look at how you can use site audits to grow your web-writing business.

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