Building Your Twitter Presence – A Beginner’s Perspective


Live: July 30th, 2014Join us for a live webinar geared specifically to web writer's just getting started with Twitter. Learn about building your Twitter presence. Read more »

Reality Blog: Painless Prospecting

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Make painless prospecting a part of the marketing plan for your web-writing business with these ideas from Jim Wright in our latest Reality Blog. Read more »

Why You – and Your Clients – Need Cornerstone Content

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Is cornerstone content a part of your content marketing strategy? Find out how cornerstone content can help you build traffic and engagement. Read more »

How to Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche

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Live: July 23rd, 2014Establishing yourself as an expert in your niche will smooth the way for more successful marketing, more and better clients, and higher fees. Read more »

15 Minutes to Fame: Maintaining and Building


Want a healthy business? One that is challenging and rewarding ... and also lucrative. Then you have to find the balance between maintaining and building. Read more »

Roving Report: How to Write an Effective PPC Ad

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Writing an effective PPC ad is the first step in capturing more leads, building your list, and making more sales. Learn more about this valuable skill. Read more »

Personal Presentation and Marketing Success

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Recorded: July 16th, 2014Chris Marlow, the original Copywriters Coach, joins us for a live interview on how personal presentation can help lead you to marketing success. Read more »