Great Starts – Make Every Project Better and Every Client Happier

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Recorded: June 24th, 2015 During this live webinar, Heather Robson shares project management tips and techniques that can help you enjoy the writer's life, stress-free. Read more »

Reality Blog: How to Create a Knock-‘Em Dead USP

Standing out from the crowd. Umbrella metaphor

When it comes to start marketing yourself, you'll need a unique selling proposition. In this Reality Blog learn how to create a USP that really works. Read more »

Get Better Self-Marketing Results Using List Segmentation

Targeting Your Customer - Arrows

Your clients segment their lists for better targeting, and you should, too. Take 4 easy steps to better self promotion results through list segmentation. Read more »

How to Survive a Schedule-less Life as a Writer

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You've heard keeping a schedule is essential to succeed as a freelancer. But what if a predictable schedule isn't possible. Tips for working schedule-less. Read more »

Member Update: Off on Vacation

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Setting off on vacation is an important, and sometimes overlooked, part of the writer's life. Here are few tips to make your vacation stress free. Read more »