The Power of Authority — A Strong Foundation for Your Content Marketing Plan

Manager and his team all giving a strong thumbs up

Developing your reputation as an authority in your industry is simpler than you might think and lays a strong foundation for your content marketing plan. Read more »

Web-Writing Business Model Series: How One Choice Can Change Everything

Niche Market - Bow and Arrow Aimed at Bulls Eye

Live: April 16th, 2014In this teleconference, Pam Foster discusses some of the different shapes her writer's life has taken, including the difference it makes to niche yourself. Read more »

Web-Writing Business Model Series: How to Make Yourself a Partner

Handshake Handshaking

Recorded: April 8th, 2014Make more money by receiving a percentage of the profits you help bring in for your client. Joshua Boswell discusses how you can make yourself a partner. Read more »

Secrets to Building a Successful List

online marketing sign post with email lists, blogging, and social media

Recorded: March 13th, 2014One of the fastest ways you can bring additional value to your web-writing clients -- and to increase your fees -- is to develop list building as a skill. Read more »

Roving Report: Try Live Events to Give Your Business a Boost

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Live events are a great way to skyrocket your web writing success. They give you a chance to build connections fast, which can lead to clients and referrals. Make the most of your next live event with these tips. Read more »