Become a Web Writer

Joshua Boswell shows new web writers how to start their careers. Up and coming web writers see exactly what they need to do to land clients and succeed as Boswell guides them through every step along the way. Get started with the introductory installment now.

Roving Report: Become a Web Writer Roadmap Series – Recap with Joshua Boswell


Joshua Boswell reveals the most critical thing you can do to go from zero to six-figures in six months. Learn how to think about yourself and your web writing career differently and then discover the new heights of success you can reach. Discover the details in this Roving Report.

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Become a Web Writer Roadmap Series – Recap with Joshua Boswell


Recorded: June 3rd, 2010
Joshua Boswell’s Become a Web Writer Roadmap Series offers a precise plan so you know what to do tomorrow, this week, this month, and as far as 6 months down the road. But Joshua didn’t want to send you down that road to success wihtout answering any questions you have for him first. Join Joshua for this one-hour event where he’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about the roadmap series.

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What’s Next? Creating Your Profitable Copywriting Empire


In the first six modules of the Become a Web Writer Roadmap series, Joshua Boswell covered, in-depth, the fundamentals you need to build a profitable and rewarding web copywriting business. Now see how to put all the pieces together.

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What’s Next? How To Get Clients


In this 6th module or the “Become a Web Writer” Roadmap series, Joshua Boswell answers all your questions about the different “Marketing Modalities” and you’ll discover a set of time-tested and proven strategies for finding and closing clients.

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What’s Next? Convincing Potential Clients To Hire You

In this module, Joshua Boswell is going to walk you through the process of putting together a solid, highly effective information packet that will instantly bridge that gap to get potenial clients to know you, trust that you can get the job done, and like you – at least enough to give you a shot.

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What’s Next? Defining Your Niche and Creating Laser Focus

Many Competing for Same Goal - Target

We’ve all heard the discussion… perhaps you’ve even participated in it… “Should I be a generalist or a specialist?” A variation of this question is: “Where do I find clients that will pay me good money?” In this 4th module, Joshua Boswell discusses the answers to these two questions.

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What’s Next? The Skills You Need To Be A Six Figure-Copywriter

Picture 2

In this 3rd module, Joshua Boswell tackles one of the most frequently asked questions he receives, “What skills do I need in order to be a six-figure copywriter?” From copywriting skills to people skills to administrative skills, Joshua covers them all.

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What’s Next? Define Time and Money Commitments and Daily Routines


During this in-depth module, Joshua Boswell shares with you dozens of some of his best practices, tips and ideas that allowed him to rapidly build a strong and profitable six-figure copywriting business.

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