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Work through your web writing goals right here with Wealthy Web Writer’s newest Reality Bloggers: Candice Lazar and Hayley Michaels.

Hayley, who lives and works in South Africa, is a freelance web writer who has worked in the beauty, health and complementary medicine fields for the past twenty years. She has practiced as a therapist, lectured and written industry-related materials. Hayley combines her love of writing with her 15 years of experience in running her own business to develop meaningful connections with readers and businesses alike.

Though never formally deemed a writer, Candice has continually sought out writing opportunities throughout her career. This resulted in various blogs, brochures, and websites. As her love of writing grew, she finally decided to pursue it full-time after discovering AWAI’s copywriter training programs. She specializes in creating customer nurturing and retention systems, using copy to help her clients convert prospects at all points in the buying cycle. Candice’s primary niche is the personal development/self-help industry. She has also worked with clients in healthcare, law, and education.

The Reality Blog is here to give you live, up-to-the-minute proof that it’s possible to succeed as a web writer … no matter what your goals may be.

Get to know Candice and Hayley as they share their individual goals, their struggles, their solutions, and their triumphs.

Watch for the Reality Blog on Fridays, when our bloggers will share their progress toward their goals, the insights they are learning along the way, what is working and what isn’t, and much more.

These are writers just like you … they are people you can bounce ideas off of, share roadblocks with, and who will celebrate your achievements. Be sure to add your comments after each blog post!

Reality Blog: It’s All in the Training

In her latest Reality Blog, Tracy wrestles with balancing her time working on client projects and her time building her business… while looking for ways to do good work in less time. She may have found the answer by watching the Olympics.

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Reality Blog Update — Starting on a Big Goal

Live: February 16, 2018: In this Reality Blog Update, Tracy Wilson joins us for a live interview where will be talking about all things goals. From setting goals to sticking with them to overcoming setbacks.

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Reality Blog: Don’t Let Doubt Kill Your Dreams

Sometimes when working on a project things don’t go as expected. It’s easy in those moments to start questioning if you’re ready, if your client likes you, if you can really do this whole freelance writing thing. Tracy shares her own story of self doubt and how she got past those negative feelings.

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Reality Blog: Fact or Myth… Email is Dead

Whether marketing your own business or writing for a client, you probably do some sort of email marketing from time to time. For many writers, email is a primary prospecting tool, so it’s important to know a few do’s and don’ts.

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Reality Blog: Prospect or Ghost Town – When to Run the Other Way

Some prospects look perfect. You find their website and it clearly needs work. It’s the kind of work you’d like to do, but before you put a lot of time and energy into pursuing that perfect-looking prospect, there’s a question you need to ask first…

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Reality Blog: Momentum and Inertia… Get Your Business Moving

When you’re just starting your freelance web-writing business, it’s easy to get stuck… to feel like your business isn’t going anywhere. What you need is some business-building momentum. A little push in the right direction to help get you started… give you some speed.

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Reality Blog: A Life-Changing Goal for 2018

If you’ve never really been one to set — or at least to put in writing — your annual goals, Wealthy Web Writer’s new Reality Blogger, Tracy Wilson, shows you the approach she’s taken for 2018.

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