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In this category, you’ll find our 3-Minute Guru videos – short snippets of tricks, ideas, and tools you can use to make your life easier and your day more rewarding.

3-Minute Guru: A Single Sheet of Paper that Holds Your Whole Brain

By Jim Wright | April 17, 2018

A single online application that can hold your whole brain? That’s a big claim. Check out this quick how-to video to see if Workflowy makes good on its promise…

3-Minute Guru: Microsoft Office Picture Manager

By Jim Wright | February 23, 2018

Editing the size and shape of your images is extra-easy with this tool you may have never heard of… even though you may already own it!

3-Minute Guru: Secure Site

By Jim Wright | November 17, 2017

Google looks at whether or not you have a secure site as part of its ranking algorithm. Not sure how to make your site secure? This video will help.

3-Minute Guru: Adding ReCaptcha to a Contact Form

By Jim Wright | October 24, 2017

Cut down on the unwanted messages that come through your site’s contact form by adding ReCaptcha. It takes only about three minutes to learn to add it.


3-Minute Guru: WordPress Menu Tip

By Jim Wright | September 22, 2017

If you want to make your WordPress drop-down menu clickable, but not the main menu item, there’s an easy way to do that. See how in this video.

The Email Game - Wealthy Web Writer

3-Minute Guru: Email Tips

By Jim Wright | June 27, 2017

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to set up a contact form to send to multiple email addresses? Here’s a quick and easy email tip to help.

3-Minute Guru: Finding Royalty-Free Images

By Jim Wright | May 11, 2017

Images are important to you as a web writer, because they make your content more effective. Here’s an easy trick for locating royalty free images on Google.