3-Minute-Guru: Publish Your Own Newspaper with Paper.li

Person holding an ipad

Paper.li is a free online tool that lets you aggregate posts, tweets, and headlines from selected sources, organizing them into a newspaper format. You can use Paper.li as a research tool or as a slick, professional way to communication valuable information to your clients. This 3-Minute guru shows you how. Read more »

3-Minute Guru: Set Up Your Free Skype Account


Skype is an online tool that you can use to connect with your clients and prospects. From online chat services to video calls, Skype may be a useful tool to help keep you connected. Many of the services are free and the paid services are often less expensive than alternatives. In this 3-Minute Guru video, you'll see exactly how to set up your own Skype account. Read more »

3-Minute Guru: How to Make a Video Using Power Point


Adding videos to your website is a way to draw traffic, add value, and engage visitors. It's a strategy you can use for your own professional website and a service you can offer to your clients. In this 3-minute guru video, you'll learn how to use Power Point and a screen capture program to make your own video tutorials or to create video presentations for clients. Read more »

3-Minute Guru: Setting Up Your Wealthy Web Writer RSS Feed


Never miss another article, job post or event from Wealthy Web Writer. See how to set up Wealthy Web Writer within your RSS feed program, so that you never miss a beat. The step-by-step instructions in this 3-minute guru will have you on your way in a flash. Read more »

Staying Organized With Google Calendar


Google Calendar is a handy online tool, and it's free! You can use calendar to help you stay organized by setting project reminders and tracking upcoming events. You can create multiple calendars so you can instantly see where you're at with any give project. And it integrates easily with a number of other online applications. Find out how you can make the most of Google Calendar in this 3-minute-guru video. Read more »