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Learn the intricacies of building your own Money-Making website, or get new tricks and tips on PPC marketing, shopping carts, or landing pages. It’s all here – all the ways you can create your own ecommerce or information marketing website and how you can help your clients succeed with theirs.

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Pay-Per-Click Ads: Live Review

By Wealthy Web Writer | April 20, 2018

Live: April 20, 2018: In this live review, you’ll learn the ins and outs of writing pay-per-click ads based on work done by your fellow members and submitted for review.

An Update on Pay-per-click Marketing: How to Write Winning Facebook Ads

By Wealthy Web Writer | March 23, 2018

Recorded: March 23rd, 2018: Learn how to write winning Facebook ads, including some low budget Facebook marketing strategies you can use to help your clients grow their business… and that you can also use to bring more projects your way.

Landing Page Practice Assignment Review

By Wealthy Web Writer | March 16, 2018

Recorded: March 16th, 2018 During this event sit in on the review of several landing page copy submissions. Explore how each deliver on the criteria in the assignment brief. See what’s working well, and come away with tips for strengthening your own landing page copy.

Tips for Increasing Your Response Rates

By John Torre | March 1, 2018

Whether it’s online or direct mail, getting people to respond to your sales and fundraising letters is the name of the game. The more responses, the more successful the promotion. So it’s important to know the small things you can do that will lift your response rates.

Web Copy Intensive 2018 — Live Blog

By Heather Robson | February 16, 2018

Live: February 18th to 21st: Join us for an on-the-ground view of what’s happening at Web Intensive. You’ll get updates on what the experts are saying, posted here in real time.

Writing a Landing Page – Practice Assignment Brief

By Wealthy Web Writer | February 9, 2018

One of the fastest ways to improve your writing skills is to write. In this practice assignment, you’ll find an instructional brief for writing a landing page. Selected submissions will be reviewed in a live webinar.

Tips for Writing Effective Video Commercials

By John Torre | November 30, 2017

More than ever before, consumers are cutting their ties to traditional media and turning to digital video for information, discovery, entertainment, and brand awareness. This spells opportunity for you as a web writer.

10 Rules for Writing Better e-Brochures — Part 2

By John Torre | November 2, 2017

Last week, John Torre shared five things to keep in mind when writing an online brochure. This week, he follows up with five more tips for making any brochure better.