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Things change fast in the web writing industry. They change fast on this site, too. Every week—several times a week—there’s something new. Visit this page regularly to keep up with the highlights and to check in on site news.

Member Update: Being Authentic

Being authentic is powerful. But too many people try to manufacture authenticity. True authenticity means letting go of what people think… not trying to make them think a specific thing. Find out the questions you can ask to test your own authenticity.

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Member Update: Balance versus Integration

Rather than trying to balance your work and your personal life, maybe a different approach would work better. Inside, find a mindset shift that may help you appreciate — and take better advantage of — the writer’s life.

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Member Update: Pick One Wrong Thing, and Stop

We all have them. Little things we do that undermine our productivity, our creativity, and our business progress. They’re small, so we don’t think to change them. But changing just one wrong thing could have a big, big impact on your business.

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Monthly Member Update – A Question You Need to Ask Now

Recorded: February 8, 2018: Here we are in the second month of the year already. There’s a very important question you need to ask yourself – one that could mean the difference in achieving your most important goal this year. Find out what it is when you join us for this event.

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Member Update: Meeting with Your Most Important Client

Imagine you have a meeting set up with your most important client. You know good things will come of it. Do you show up enthusiastic and prepared? Or do you skip out because of other deadlines?

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