How do I ask my clients for referrals?

A good portion of a freelancer’s projects come from referrals, and we must not forget how powerful of a technique word of mouth is.  But how do we ask? And when is the right time?

Let clients know up-front that your freelance business is referral-based and you will be asking for a referral upon completion of the project if they are pleased. This way they will be expecting it, and it won’t come as a surprise when you do.

Make it as easy as possible for them. Copywriter Sid Smith physically drafts the referral email for them, just leaving a few blanks for the referrer to fill in.

Conduct a post-project interview. Not only is this a great way to get feedback that will improve your freelance business, it is also an opportunity for a candid discussion that can lead into a casual referral conversation.

While there isn’t an industry-set time for talking to clients about referrals, there are some times that may be more opportune than others. Sid suggests you take advantage of the below opportunities:

  • After you submit your first draft (assuming they provide positive feedback)
  • Whenever they comment about how much they like you or your work
  • At the completion of the project
  • When you follow-up to see how they’re doing

To read more about how and when to request a referral, check out Sid’s article here.

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