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gold-star3Submit your own original content for publication on the Wealthy Web Writer Website, and get the RECOGNITION you deserve! We’re always on the lookout for new content – articles, videos, podcasts, and even training modules for our Roadmap series.

  • Become one of our 3-Minute Guru experts…
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  • And even become (slightly) famous by helping your peers to succeed.

Anyone can submit a guest post to the Wealthy Web Writer. This provides us a great opportunity to learn more about the needs, skills, and knowledge within our community and it provides you with a great opportunity to share your experience, get published, and get a public link back to your own website.

To increase your chances of submitting an article or video that is accepted and published, please read through these guidelines carefully and follow them to a “T”.

What We’re Looking For

Any piece you submit should focus on elements of web writing, and/or how to succeed at web writing. Of course, there are a lot of ways to do this … You can focus on a specific topic like SEO best practices, you can share a success story, you can review a tool or service, you can do an interview … the choices are endless. Just make sure your submission does two things:

  1. It must relate to web writing, and therefore benefit a web writer.
  2. It must include actionable information for readers to put to use.

Ideally, your submission will focus on an idea related to one of our three main topics: Getting Started, Improve Your Skills, and Build Your Business. We even have an article on writing effective articles that can help you get published on Wealthy Web Writer.

Article Length

We prefer to run posts that are between 800 and 1,200 words. That doesn’t mean we won’t make exceptions where appropriate, but you’ll have to make a good case for why your piece is best written to a different length. You are also welcome to submit ideas for video articles. Just make sure that the topic can be covered in three minutes.

How to Submit

We recommend you submit a short proposal for your article/video, or a headline and lead followed by a brief bullet-point summary of what your piece will contain. Then, we will contact you within two weeks to let you know if we want to contract you to write the article or not. If we do contract you to write an article, please plan to include your byline, as well as a picture for our author page. Accepted articles will be published in the public section with a link back to your own website.

Current Call for Submissions

While we’re happy to review your article ideas on any topic related to web-writing success, we do have some specific needs at this time. If you have the expertise, we’d love to hear from you. (This list will be updated regularly so check back often!)


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