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Reality Blog: How to Power Up Your Business During the Holiday Lull

What do you have planned during the last week of the year? It’s a quiet time for clients (usually), which means you can make some big strides on your own projects. Click through for some ideas.

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Roving Report: How to Write a Great E-letter Message

One of the best ways to learn how to write successful email messages is to study those who’ve succeeded before you. See what they’re doing well, and look for consistent patterns and approaches. You can see examples of different, successful approaches when you click through…

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Five Ways to Say “Yes,” Even If You’re Only Feeling “Maybe”

Saying “yes” to a project, even when you’re unsure can be a scary step. But there are questions you can ask yourself to help decide if saying yes is the smart thing to do or if it would be better to take a pass.

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