How to Write an Email Signature that Brings You Business

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Are you ignoring the low-hanging fruit when it comes to marketing your services? If you don't have a professional email signature, you are. Use these tips to fix it. Read more »

Roving Report: Personal Presentation and Marketing

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Like it or not, your personal presentation plays a role in your marketing success: from how you dress to organizing your portfolio to good phone etiquette. Read more »

15 Minutes to Fame: Beat Writer’s Isolation


Writer's isolation can have a negative impact on your business. Fortunately, it's easy to beat. Find an easy way here, plus four great reasons to use it. Read more »

How can a copywriter expand their business?

You can expand your web-writing business by offering additional services or even products. Knowledge gained from your web copywriting training equips you with skills that, if utilized, can be profitable for your copywriting business. Below are some examples of additional services you can offer your clients: Website planning Site Audits Editorial strategizing (Building an Editorial Calendar) […] Read more »

Conducting an On-the-Spot Site Audit

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An on-the-spot site audit can be intimidating ... or it can be a great way to show a potential client what you know and what you can do for their business. Read more »

15 Minutes to Fame: Breaking the DIY Habit


The DIY habit is the urge to do everything yourself. IT can hold you back in the long-run. Learn why you should break it as soon as you start earning money. Read more »