5 Simple Strategies to Impress Every Web Writing Client

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By understanding what changes make the biggest difference to the bottom line, you can impress clients every time with your web writing and land more clients. Read more »

The Power of Authority — A Strong Foundation for Your Content Marketing Plan

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Developing your reputation as an authority in your industry is simpler than you might think and lays a strong foundation for your content marketing plan. Read more »

Self-Promotion Through Content Curation

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It may sound like the latest cyber-buzzword, but content curation is fast becoming a marketing staple. Find out how you can use it in your writing business. Read more »

How to Write an E-book in the Next 30 Days

eBooks and an eReader.

Live: March 25th, 2014 Writing an e-book that answers a pressing question for your target audience accomplishes many things: it establishes your expertise, gives you a new way to market yourself, and puts you in the position to develop a passive income. Read more »