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The Reality Blog: Charge High Fees With Ease — Here’s How

If you’ve ever waivered when it comes to setting and stating writing fees, you’re not alone. Read today’s blog to learn how to make use of an easy technique to help you get good at quoting high fees.

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The Reality Blog: Sometimes You Just Have To G.O. For It

Sometimes the key to success is to just “G.O.” for it. Find out what this means and how it applies to you as a freelancer. Not only could it be just the nudge you need to launch your web-writing career, it could also be your ticket to rewarding and profitable professional development. Discover how in this week’s Reality Blog.

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The Reality Blog: Take The E-book-Writing-Challenge With Me

Fed-up with waiting for your income to build? Join Mindy’s e-book writing challenge and make it your goal to write an e-book in a week … and reap profits for years to come. Today’s Reality Blog has all the details. As far as passive income streams go, this is one you should get in on ASAP!

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