How to Shine When a Prospect Requests a Proposal

Pam Foster

Recorded: August 24th, 2011 Presenting a proposal is one of the most nerve-wracking tasks a web writer faces. Fortunately, Pam Foster has a formula that will get you through the proposal process feeling confident and making a good impression every step of the way. Read more »

The Reality Blog: Use “Mental Repositioning” To Get A Higher Income With Less Stress


If you’re stuck in a rut, especially when it comes to landing new clients, then “psychological distance” might be the trick you need. It’s a way to boost your creativity, lower your stress level, and lighten anxiety. All it takes is a simple trick of the mind, which you can learn more about by reading today’s Reality Blog. Read more »

Roving Report: Self Promotion Tips That Always Work


Recently, James Clear of Passive Panda joined Wealthy Web Writer to share some of his most successful self promotion tips. The guidelines he uses for self promotion? I has to fit with his values, it should be fun, and it must build connections. You can check out his tips and how you can apply in your own web writing career in this Roving Report. Read more »

The Reality Blog: It’s Go-Time: Let’s Each Land A Client NOW


If you’re ready to ramp up your web-writing business, join Mindy in her active search for new clients in a brand-new niche. It’s all part of her new “Get Rich” Month theme. You may very well start landing the clients you’ve been hoping for if you take advantage of her new challenge — read about it in today’s blog. Read more »

3 Things You Should Do Before Talking With A Web Copy Prospect


How cool! You have a prospective client for your web copy business. Before you punch in their phone number or tap out an email with your rates, you might consider conducting some background research to ensure that you WOW them when you do talk. Sid Smith shares three steps you should take to get ready for your next conversation with a prospect. Read more »

Crafting Powerful Taglines For Yourself And Your Clients

Targeting Your Customer - Arrows

Rebecca Matter warns that lacking a tagline “signals that you don’t really know what your business is." The last thing you want is your potential clients stumbling around your website wondering why they should hire you. So, in this article, Christina Gillick takes you step-by-step through the process of crafting your own powerful tagline and reminds you this is a service you can offer your clients, too. Read more »

A Roadmap to Landing Local Clients


Recorded: June 22nd, 2011 Many web writers overlook their local market as a potential source of clients, but the truth is, even in a small town, there are all sorts of businesses that might be interested in your services. Check out this event with Rachel Karl to learn about local marketing strategies that can work for you. Read more »

Set Up a Marketing Plan that Works for You


Many freelance web writers market their services haphazardly ... or even worse, they don't market their services at all. If this describes you, you probably feel a little frustrated with your progress, and you're not building the kind of financial security you deserve. A systematic marketing plan that suits your own personal style can go a long way to solving these problems. Read more »