Reality Blog Challenge: You’re Already a World Class Copywriter

Antique Typewriter. Vintage Typewriter Machine on wooden table

One difference between a master copywriter and everyone else is that the master knows the tricks and how to use them. Start building your own bag of tricks. Read more »

Reality Blog Extra — Why You Want to Be the Next Reality Blogger!

Your way to success

Becoming Wealthy Web Writer's next Reality Blogger is a big deal. When you join our Reality Blog Challenge, you take the first step toward a big opportunity. Jim Wright shares the shape of the opportunity here. Read more »

Monthly Member Update – Challenge Accepted!


Recorded: October 6th, 2015 Join us for this monthly member update and learn about the upcoming Reality Blog Challenge including tips for making the most of this opportunity. Read more »

The Reality Blog: Have You Signed Up For April’s Wealthy Web Writer Challenge?


Have you heard about the latest Wealthy Web Writer challenge? It’s a good one, and Mindy has come up with a way to give you a jump-start for the competition. Read today’s Reality Blog to find out what to do. More importantly, discover what’s happened to past winners of these challenges … you’ll probably agree, it’s pretty inspiring. Read more »

The Reality Blog: 3 Essential Ways To Become More Profitable And Productive

Time is money

To help you get your 2011 goals in motion, Mindy kicks off the week with three of the top ways you can more effectively manage your time. After all, time is money in the web-writing industry, and if you can’t master it then you’ll have a hard time succeeding as a web writer. Read her tips to fast-track your own wise use of time. Read more »