The Reality Blog: Have You Signed Up For April’s Wealthy Web Writer Challenge?


Have you heard about the latest Wealthy Web Writer challenge? It’s a good one, and Mindy has come up with a way to give you a jump-start for the competition. Read today’s Reality Blog to find out what to do. More importantly, discover what’s happened to past winners of these challenges … you’ll probably agree, it’s pretty inspiring. Read more »

The Reality Blog: 3 Essential Ways To Become More Profitable And Productive

Time is money

To help you get your 2011 goals in motion, Mindy kicks off the week with three of the top ways you can more effectively manage your time. After all, time is money in the web-writing industry, and if you can’t master it then you’ll have a hard time succeeding as a web writer. Read her tips to fast-track your own wise use of time. Read more »

The Reality Blog: Stamp Out Writer’s Anxiety Forever: Do More Y.O.G.A.


We all know The Writer’s Life is GREAT for a ton of reasons — but then why do so many of us struggle with anxiety about our chosen career? Mindy shares her own struggles today and reveals how she deals with them. Find out how her approach to Y.O.G.A. might help you. Plus, get details about the new WWW Challenge! Read more »

The Reality Blog: Understanding “Prospect Awareness” Means Easier, More Effective Writing


No matter how many projects you’ve got under your belt, it’s always wise to revisit some of the core writing principles that make good copy great. In today’s blog Mindy gives you a crash course in writing to the levels of prospect awareness and explains how that will improve your copy. ALSO — take note of the newest WWW Challenge! Read more »

The Reality Blog: Define Your Own “Research System” For Greater Profits


If you haven’t yet mastered the art of researching, it’s high time you did. Not only will it make you a better writer, it’ll also make it easier to churn out more (and higher paying) projects. Also, BIG NEWS on the Challenge front — potentially worth thousands of dollars! Read today’s Reality Blog to find out more. Read more »

The Reality Blog: What Not To Do: Play “The Dating Game” With Your Clients


Find out if your approach to dealing with clients is like the world of dating. More importantly, learn whether that’s a good or bad thing. Because in a lot of cases, it depends on how you look at it. Find out some good tips for handling client inquiries fast without looking like you're desperate. Also, check out the winners to the latest Reality Blog Challenge! Read more »

The Reality Blog: Want My Success? Go To Bootcamp


As Mindy really starts to plow forward into bigger and better assignments, she takes a look at what really got her launched in the first place. Her answer? Bootcamp. Read why she’d shell out thousands in a heartbeat just for that single experience and what bootcamp or an experience like it can do for you... and no, this is not a paid endorsement. Read more »

The Reality Blog: $20,000 Richer, Just Like That


Things are starting to happen fast over here at the Reality Blog. This week, Mindy landed a $20,000 project. Next week, who knows? Stop by for a quick read on how this is happening. This particular project didn't come through advertising or because Mindy bid for it. It was offered to her. It's all about doing good work and laying a solid foundation. Read more »