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Use This Social Media Channel to Stand Out From the Crowd

By Andrew Murray | March 21, 2018

See how using Pinterest lets you offer potential advertisers on your Money-Making Website exposure to an untapped social media channel. Andrew Murray shares how he has built a following on Pinterest and how he’s leveraged his audience to earn attention from his niche market.

Web Copy Intensive 2018 — Live Blog

By Heather Robson | February 16, 2018

Live: February 18th to 21st: Join us for an on-the-ground view of what’s happening at Web Intensive. You’ll get updates on what the experts are saying, posted here in real time.

Reality Blog: Building a Social Media Following? Don’t Do What I Did

By Candice Lazar | December 29, 2017

When setting and pursuing a goal, it’s normal to make mistakes. Instead of beating yourself up, see what you can learn from them. Candice Lazar looks at her triumphs and setbacks around her goal of building a Twitter following.

Reality Blog: Five Tweets to Get You Noticed on Twitter

By Candice Lazar | December 8, 2017

Building a targeted and engaging following on Twitter can make a big difference in the success of your Money-Making Website. The types of messages you share will help to grow your following. Learn the top formats for tweets that attract an audience.

Reality Blog: Four Simple Steps to Getting Started on Twitter

By Candice Lazar | November 10, 2017

Check out Candice Lazar’s update on her quarter four goal to grow her Twitter following. She shares strategies you can use in your own social media efforts.

Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage – Video Quick Tip

By Nick Usborne | October 25, 2017

In this video quick tip, Nick Usborne shares a simple way that you can give your writing an unfair advantage when it comes to attracting traffic.

Reality Blog: Five Reasons to Promote Your Business on Twitter

By Candice Lazar | October 13, 2017

Candice Lazar shares why Twitter is the next challenge she plans to conquer. Inside, she looks at the advantages of promoting your business on Twitter, including more traffic and better audience interactions.

Link Your Client to Success: 7 Steps to a Standout LinkedIn Profile

By Oryna Schiffman | August 8, 2017

As a professional copywriter and web writer, one way you could specialize your services is to write standout LinkedIn profiles for your clients. These seven steps will help you deliver profiles that get the results your clients want.