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Who is the Hero of Your Story?

By John Torre | February 22, 2018

When writing fundraising copy, focus your story on the right hero and you’ll get better results. Writers normally pick one of three options when telling a story within their fundraising copy. One of the options outshines the others. Find out which is strongest…

Improve Any Website by Looking at It through Web Writer’s Eyes

By Ricki Linksman | January 17, 2018

There’s a lot of competition online. So you need your website to stand out. And your client’s need their websites to stand out. You can improve any website by asking a few simple questions.

Event Content Copywriter

By Wealthy Web Writer | November 3, 2017

Austin, TX; Event Content Copywriter; The Creative Group is in need of a Copywriter. Your will be creating copy for various mediums to use in promotional materials and advertising campaigns.

Writing for the Financial Market — Products and Services

By John Torre | August 31, 2016

Writing for the financial market is one of the most lucrative writing paths. In part one of this series, learn about financial products and services.

Three Must-Do Strategies for Writing Effective Web Copy

By John Torre | April 14, 2016

Writing web copy shares some similar principles as writing for print, but there are important differences. Nail these three strategies for better online copy.

Four Steps to Unmasking Your Product’s Deeper Benefits

By John Torre | August 21, 2014

Figuring out a product’s deeper benefits gives you a lot more to work with when writing promotional copy. Use these four methods to get you started.

Credibility — The Foundation of the Four-Legged Stool

By John Torre | August 14, 2014

Building credibility is essential for a successful promotion whether it is online or off. Learn some key steps you can take to make your work credible.

Building Credibility When Writing for Financial Newsletters

By John Torre | January 30, 2014

People are skeptical about financial newsletters and other financial products. If you’re writing for such a product, building credibility is the first step.