Four Steps to Unmasking Your Product’s Deeper Benefits

Features vs Benefits How to Sell Core Sales Principle

Figuring out a product's deeper benefits gives you a lot more to work with when writing promotional copy. Use these four methods to get you started. Read more »

The Reality Blog: Don’t Let Friggatriskaidekaphobia Take Over Your Web-Writing Career


If Friday the 13th is a day that gets you down, consider why and how you let that concept get to you. Today’s Reality Blog dives into this concept and shows you how to outsmart it. It also takes a closer look at how outsmarting your fears can enhance your web-writing career. Read more »

The Reality Blog: 7 Tips For Setting Healthy Limits (That Still Move You Forward)

stop please

Ever think of limits as being your friends? If your first thought was, "no," Mindy gives you a good reason to reconsider. Limits are good when they help you stay focused toward your long-term goals. Read up on seven of the best ways to set healthy limits that keep you both productive and satisfied in your web-writing career. Read more »