How do I ask my clients for referrals?

A good portion of a freelancer’s projects come from referrals, and we must not forget how powerful of a technique word of mouth is.  But how do we ask? And when is the right time? Let clients know up-front that your freelance business is referral-based and you will be asking for a referral upon completion […] Read more »

How do I ask my clients for testimonials?

We know that asking former or current clients for testimonials can be an intimidating thing to do. Although it may seem a bit blunt, it’s OK to simply say “may I please have a testimonial?” If you aren’t comfortable with being that straightforward, check out one of Mindy McHorse’s techniques for asking for testimonials in […] Read more »

15 Minutes to Fame: How Do You Respond to Mistakes?

eraser and word mistakes

How you respond to mistakes determines how easy you are to work with and can have an effect on your success. Make sure you're reacting the way you should. Read more »