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When a Client Says You Charge Too Much — Video Quick Tip

By Nick Usborne | November 29, 2017

What do you do when a prospect says your rates are too high? Nick Usborne looks at this question from a few different angles and shows you how to handle it when a potential client pushes back against what you charge.

How Bundling and Creating Package Deals Can Increase Your Revenue

By Michele Peterson | November 29, 2017

Everyone wants a good deal. And that includes your clients. Tap into your clients’ desire for a good deal by bundling projects or services together into special packages, and you can easily increase your revenue.

Grow Your Current Client Base

By Cat Harvey | November 28, 2017

If you have clients, you probably have some clear favorites. What if you could get more work from the clients you love writing for the most? Learn how to develop an eye for opportunities to expand your business with top clients.

Reality Blog Challenge: Avoid Costly Mistakes

By Phoebe King | November 28, 2017

When working with clients who are also friends or acquaintances, it’s easy to make business mistakes that you might not make with someone you didn’t know. Phoebe King shares her experience and what she would do differently next time.

Tips for Conducting an Effective Interview

By John Torre | November 16, 2017

Many projects you undertake will require conducting an interview. Use the tips you find hear to get the most information out of your interviews.

6 Effective Tips for Preventing and Recouping Unpaid Wages as a Freelancer

By Rachel Ryan | November 14, 2017

When working with clients, occasionally you might encounter a situation where you need to follow up on payment. Here are tips for recouping unpaid wages.

Reality Blog Challenge: 3 Lessons from a Recent Writing Assignment

By David Vigna | November 8, 2017

Learn from experts is great. But learning by doing is better. David Vigna shares some of his real world writing lessons, learned from working on a project. From negotiations to delivery to lining up more work… check it out.

3 Questions Every Web Writer Should Be Asking Clients to Increase Referrals

By Michele Peterson | October 25, 2017

One of the fastest ways to land more projects, earn more income, and grow your business is to increase referrals. When you ask your client these questions, it’s easy to do.