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Use the Magic of Fairy Tales to Create Powerful Online Copy

By Hayley Michaels | May 31, 2017

The fairy tales you read when growing up had more to teach than lessons about courage or friendship. They held hidden lessons about online copywriting, too.

5 Steps to Powerful Sales Copy

By John Torre | May 25, 2017

You can immediately write more powerful sales copy by following a simple five-step formula. If you miss any one of these steps, your results will suffer.

7 Attributes of a Great Homepage

By John Torre | April 6, 2017

Writing a great homepage is all about helping your visitors find what they need inside your website, and making it fast and easy to navigate.

Three Must-Do Strategies for Writing Effective Web Copy

By John Torre | April 14, 2016

Writing web copy shares some similar principles as writing for print, but there are important differences. Nail these three strategies for better online copy.

Ways to Establish Authenticity in Your Web Copy — Part 1

By John Torre | October 18, 2012

Your web copy authenticity makes a big difference in the success of your website. Learn 8 writing and marketing techniques to make your copy more authentic.

A Fast and Effective Way to Improve Your Copy

By John Torre | June 1, 2012

Establishing a writing process that you use every time you tackle a project can make you a faster web writer. Find out how.

Roving Report: 17 Things to Undertand About Web Writing

By Susanna Perkins | August 30, 2011

In this Roving Report you’ll find the highlights of Nick Usborne’s recent event on 17 things you need to know to understand web writing better. From how online copy differs from offline writing to the impact of social media to how you should measure a web page’s success… Nick covered it all and you can get the full recap right now.

Creating a Landing Page with Nick Usborne

By Nick Usborne | July 6, 2010

Recorded: July 6th, 2010
Nick Usborne has gone through his own portfolio and selected a landing page he has already written which delivered exceptional results for one of his clients. In this session Nick will share his “best practices” from this actual web page that is a proven winner.