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Meet the original online copywriter, Nick Usborne, and find out how you can give yourself an unfair advantage as a web writer. After watching this video, you’ll be able to attract more traffic to your site, gain more traction on social media, and build your reputation and authority faster.

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When you join Wealthy Web Writer, you’ll get immediate access to an extensive library of resources, roadmaps, and tools. Things like…

  • Strategic, in-depth, step-by-step roadmaps to help guide you in your online career.
  • Articles, blogs, webinars, and teleconferences from experts who specialize in a variety of web-writing fields.
  • Special reports to answer your most pressing business and writing needs.
  • Monthly inspiration from the Wealthy Web Writer Reality Blogger, selected by fellow members to share every step of their journey toward success.
  • An online community to meet, get to know, and talk shop with fellow web writers.
  • And much more!

And if there’s something you need that we don’t have, just let us know and we’ll get it for you! We’re adding new content each week to ensure you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

What Our Members Are Saying

“One of the things that’s particularly difficult for me is — I can promote somebody else’s products and services, but I have a wicked hard time promoting myself. So several of the Wealthy Web Writer folks have been very helpful to me — helping me focus my “About” page on my website and define myself more effectively.”

Susanna Perkins - Orlando, Florida

“I’ve completed the 6 figure AWAI course two years ago. I’m just now setting up my web site. Analysis paralysis, web hopping, and, reading all that I could had taken its toll on me. When I joined the Wealthy Web Writer community, BAMMM,! I was suddenly in the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.”

Warwick Occomy

“Every month there is an article or video that in my mind justifies my membership fee.”

Anthony Jackson

“I welcome these types of articles that summarize and highlight key points of writing great copy.”

Jerry Bures

Meet the Experts

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing Editor

Heather specializes in content strategy, email marketing, and UX copywriting.

Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne

The Original Web Writer

Nick is an award-winning direct marketer and a leading expert in writing for the web.


Rebecca Matter


Rebecca is the President of AWAI and a marketer with over 15 years of direct response experience.


Pam Foster


Pam is a certified SEO copywriter & content consultant and also AWAI's Director of Copywriting Training.


Heather Lloyd-Martin

SEO Expert

Heather is an expert in SEO copywriting and considered one of the original pioneers in the industry.

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