Five Ways to Succeed as a Business Copywriter

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why every copywriter doesn’t want to write long-form sales letters, and what’s so great about that…
  • B2B copywriters have the opportunity to write a wide variety of informational and educational materials.
  • B2B copywriting can turn into a very lucrative career because one project often leads to many more with the same client.

Become a Business Copywriter Without Writing Long Sales Letters

Writing direct response copy is a great career. It’s lucrative and fun. But I’ve talked to plenty of copywriters who cringe a little at the thought of writing long-form sales letters.

If this describes you, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to succeed as a copywriter that don’t involve long sales letters… especially if
you become a business copywriter.

More than any other type of copywriter, business copywriters are called on to provide small business Internet marketing strategies. These kinds of strategies involve creating specific types of content for small business websites-content that will help pull in traffic and drive conversions.

Let’s take a look at five types of content business copywriters create to help businesses large and small with their Internet marketing strategies.

Case Studies:

Companies of every size use case studies as a marketing tool. A case study tells the success story of a product or service, usually highlighting a specific client’s experience. You’ll need to do a little research and do a few interviews to create an effective case study. Most case study projects pay between $1000 and $2000. Case studies don’t usually take too long to write. Once you get good at writing them, you’ll find they take between one and three days to complete.

White Papers:

White papers are gaining popularity as a way to market products or services. A white paper explains to potential customers how a new technology works, the best way to do something, or how to solve a specific problem-the solutions are something offered by the company promoting the white paper and the white paper gives detailed information on how to make the most of a purchase. As an experienced business copywriter, you can expect to earn anywhere from $4,000-$7,000 for a 10-page white paper. Most white papers take about two weeks to finish. And most copywriters can finish a white paper in two weeks or less. White papers are especially appealing to the copywriter who likes to learn new things and share them with others.

Newsletter Articles:

Business-to-business companies often rely on newsletters to stay in contact with existing clients and hot prospects. Newsletters help to close sales with interested prospects and can lead to repeat sales with existing clients. B2B companies often pay $500 for newsletter articles. Newsletters are a huge market with great potential for repeat work.


Companies of every shape and size use brochures. Brochures may focus on a product, a service, a line of products, or the company itself. “Sell sheets” are a common style-they feature a single page with copy on both sides. They take a few hours to write and usually pay $500-$1,000.

Website Home Pages:

It’s amazing how many website homepages are ineffective. Writing a homepage can easily lead to a steady stream of projects-sales page copy, landing page copy, email promotions… the list goes on. A homepage for a B2B website can pay $500-$1,500.

As an online business copywriter, you might also find yourself writing trade articles, data sheets, print ads, and more. There really is no end to the work. That’s because in B2B copywriting, you’ll be writing to inform and educate more often than you’ll be writing to sell… and that’s an ongoing process.

If you’d love to earn a full-time living as a copywriter – but don’t want to write long sales letters – B2B copywriting is really the way to go.


Guillermo Rubio

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  • This sounds like what I am looking for. I've done a fair bit of writing for my own business purposes and my Ph.D. How do I find a few clients and get started.

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