Find an Information Gap to Create a Winning Information Product

Discover how to find information gaps that can lead you to winning ideas for money-making websites or information products.

information-product1The Profitable Art of Identifying Information Gaps and Turning Them Into Winning Information Products

By Nick Usborne

Let’s start at the beginning… just what is an information gap anyway?

It’s a term I’ve become familiar with in my experience with creating profitable websites. Recognizing an information gap is critical to successful information and Internet marketing. Training yourself to recognize when there is a demand for information that isn’t being met by existing online resources can put you on the fast track to a successful site or product.

Here are two websites and one blog I created when I recognized there was a gap in the amount of quality information available online.

First, All the way back in 1999-ancient history on the Internet-I searched for good sites about online copywriting. I didn’t find much, so I answered the call with

Second, In January 2006, I notice that while there were tons of websites that focused on coffee, there weren’t any that provided quality information for beginners. There weren’t any sites for people who were about to buy their first coffee maker. So was born.

Third, This is one of my most recent endeavors. I discovered this gap while writing a program about creating websites. I wanted an example of an information gap and I stumbled on this one. The audience was well served in the UK, but there wasn’t much for people in the US. I couldn’t resist launching a site to fill this gap.

This is how I choose the subjects to create money-making websites. It’s a successful Internet marketing strategy that only takes a little training to execute. Look for the gap and you can come up with great ideas for websites or information products.

Here are three different ways to track down information gaps that you can turn into online profits.

1. Look for a lack of quality information, now or in the near future.

In the case of I beat the crowds. I saw a big gap in quality information for people who wanted to learn online copywriting. I launched a site to fill the void.

It’s useful to try to anticipate a gap. Right now there’s a lot of research going to the development of drugs that will help people stay awake and alert for longer-sometimes days at a time. Early applications will be for the military, but eventually this kind of drug will find a market with college students and business people. I’ve already registered a domain name in anticipation of the coming information gap surrounding this type of drug.

2. A group of people who aren’t being served well by existing resources. is a good example of this type of information gap. Sure there were plenty of sites on the topic of coffee, but when I did a little digging there just wasn’t much out there targeting people about to buy their first home brewer or for first time buyers of fresh ground coffee.

You can find a ton of possibilities when you take this approach.

It’s simple. Think about different topics and then consider the people who might come to your site, in terms of advanced, intermediate, and beginner knowledge. You might find a basic topic that’s quite well addressed online, but it could be that one of those three groups is not being well looked after. There’s your opportunity.

3. A geographical gap.

Look for trends in other countries that are likely to catch on in your country.

That’s what I did with My Google research showed that the word “headphones” came up with a lot of domains. That meant that the English were writing quality information sites and blogs about headphones, but people in North Americans weren’t.

I could have also found this gap by comparing the number of print magazines devoted to headphones in different countries. A topic well addressed by magazines in other countries but not in your own just might be a winning idea for a website or information product.

To wrap things up…

When you choose a subject for a money-making website or an information product, finding an information gap will greatly enhance your chances of success. After all, if you can avoid going head-to-head with a large number of established websites which are already delivering quality information that’s a good thing.

The three approaches I show you here are just a few of the ways you can identify and then capitalize on an information gap… and every information gap is a potential goldmine.

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