Is SEO Marketing the Right Career for You?

Discover if a career in SEO marketing is right for you. Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a copywriter wanting to work on the web, you’ll need to know a few things. SEO Copywriting is still a hot field, and getting bigger all the time.

Learn to Write SEO Marketing Copy and Transform Your Career

By Rebecca Matter

The cold, hard facts are simple to understand…

If there is one area of web writing that everyone should learn, it’s SEO Marketing-the ability to create content that will drive natural, organic traffic to a website.

Here’s why a solid understanding of SEO marketing is so important to your copywriting career…

Even if you’re a brand-new copywriter, you can jump in right away and start making solid money from day one.

Nearly every project can lead to the opportunity for additional work.

An as your skills in this field grow, you’ll be able to charge higher fees.

Becoming a skilled SEO marketer may well be the easiest and fastest way for a web writer to get started working with paying clients.

Plus, if you’re going to do any writing for the web at all, you won’t reach your full earning potential if you let someone else do the SEO work for you.

So let’s take a closer look at this opportunity.

What is a search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting?

First, a quick tutorial on the common vernacular…

In web speak, “visitors” are the individuals that come to your website. When taken altogether, your visitors make up your “traffic.”

You need visitors, if you’re going to sell anything from your website. More visitors are better-higher traffic means a greater number of selling opportunities… and that’s a good thing.

One major source of web traffic is search engines, like Google.

A good listing on a search engine like Google-also known as a ranking-means that more people will find your website. The better a company’s ranking, the more traffic its site is likely to get.

Each search engine uses a complicated, proprietary algorithm to rank websites. Think about it for a minute-they have to sift through millions of websites to provide you relevant results based on your search term. It’s not surprising the process is complicated.

You can help a website get better search engine rankings by writing content a way that allows the search engine to know exactly what it’s about. That way search engines can rank each website based on what it’s about-along with all the other websites on similar topics.

As an SEO copywriter your job to write, or in some cases re-write, a website’s content to help the search engines. This is done by strategically modifying the copy to include specific “keywords” or “key phrases.”

How much do SEO copywriters make?

Well, that depends on how experienced you are…

Beginner-Level SEO Copywriter: When you’re new to SEO copywriting, but have a solid handle copywriting and direct-response principles, you’ll succeed faster if you focus on smaller clients. You’re still learning, but you have a lot to offer. You may not be ready to tackle a company’s entire SEO strategy, but you’re moving in that direction. At this level, you’ll typically earn $50 to $100 per page of optimized copy.

Intermediate SEO Copywriter: After you’ve been doing SEO copywriting for six months or so, you’ll feel more comfortable offering more SEO services like keyphrase editing, writing articles, writing and submitting to directories, and possibly creating PPC ads. An intermediate SEO copywriter usually makes anywhere from $150 to $750 per page.

Experienced SEO Copywriter: When you reach this level, you’ll be confident offering consulting and training as part of your SEO services. You’ll be comfortable working with big brands. You charge higher fees between $750 and $1500 for writing a web page. You might also be ready to offer consulting and training services ranging from $300 an hour all the way up to $5000 for a full day of training.

As an SEO copywriter, you’ll have many opportunities to grow your income and your career according to your own goals. As you can see, the money making potential is good, and within six months you can begin to command very respectable fees.

How easy is it to get clients?

Very. And there’s a very simple reason why …

Because everyone with a website looking to make money online needs traffic! As an SEO copywriter, that’s what you do-you help them generate FREE traffic from search engines and even from other sites.

Your potential client list as an SEO marketer includes any company – from a small corner store right up to a Fortune 500 company – that has a website they want to attract more visitors to.

The best way to begin finding clients is simply to check your local online business directory for companies that interest you. Visit their websites. Check their search engine position. Then contact them and let them know how you can help their business.

Do you have to be tech savvy?

You don’t have to be techie at all, especially at the entry and mid-level of this career.

In most cases, the client won’t want you messing with their website code they’ll have a web team to do that for you. If you’d like to be more technical, though, you can bring even greater value to your clients.

There’s no requirement to get technical, though. If all you want to do is write, you can do just that.

What about the timing? Is the economy a factor at all?

With the market moving how it’s moving, there’s never been a better time to start learning SEO.

Whether the economy is up or down, clients look for anything they can possibly do to improve their website results. As an SEO copywriter, you can make a very tempting offer-you can help your clients improve their search engine position AND their bottom line.

Companies need low cost ways to bring traffic to their sites. And SEO copywriting and marketing are a very cost effective way to do that, especially when you measure them in the long term.

Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or marketing consultant, adding SEO Copywriter to you list of services is a great way to expand your income potential and stay relevant in the changing direct response market.

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Wealthy Web Writer

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  • I found this useful as I know some things about SEO but not really how it works. Or if there is some secret system that I need to learn. I have heard about key words and meta tags but have never worked with anything that would help someone get their website higher rankings. Now that I have decided that I need to know this I need as much information about it as I can get. This is a good basic start. On to the next article.

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