How to Write Autoresponder Copy Faster

Autoresponder copywriters can make very good money writing short messages in a series. Find out how you can write these emails with little effort and great results. Autoresponder expert Roy Furr shares some of his best tips for writing autoresponder copy.

AutorespondersMake a Bundle More Sales by Becoming a Faster Autoresponder Copywriter-Learn to Write Twice the Copy in Half the Time

By Roy Furr

As an email autoresponder copywriter, I’ve come up with a method for writing this kind of copy that lets me write faster without making any heavy-handed sales pitches and without sacrificing results.

The truth is most email autoresponder copywriters work WAY too hard. I can show you a better way in just a few simple steps.

In fact, if you can read, you can use this simple method to improve your autoresponder copy. There’s one thing to know about this method, though. I use it to work with information products like books and videos and special reports. It’s not designed for physical products although you could make a few little tweaks and have it be a decent fit.

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Look for bullet-worthy topics

Start with the info product itself. Look for helpful little hints and nuggets of interesting information that prospective readers will gobble up. Try to find enough juicy info to lead your prospect to a buying decision. This is the same kind of information you’d use to create bullets in a sales letter or landing page.

But now, you’re going to give it away a little at a time in an autoresponder series.

A lot of people express some concern over giving away their best info, but in a minute I’ll explain why prospects will STILL BUY your product even after receiving some of the best tips it has to offer.

Step 2: Take good notes

Whenever you locate a juicy nugget, write it down. Make your notes detailed enough that you know what you’re taking about just from the notes.

I try to include a setup (why the information is important), an execution (the information itself) and the reveal (what changes the information will bring about).

This simple three-part formula is a great way to share information in a compelling way.

Step 3: Expand on what you’ve found

For each nugget you’ve taken notes on, find a way to expand on it. You can come up with a story, find interesting facts that tie-in, or develop additional content above and beyond what you’ve pulled from your product.

This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Just ask yourself, “What does this remind me of?” And then let your brain go to work. Write down your ideas and use the best ones.

If you don’t come up with anything for a particular note, set it aside to turn into a “Quick Tip.”

Step 4: Write, write, write

In sales copy, you often use three types of bullets:

  • Give-Away – These give away a piece of useful information.
  • Half-Blind – These reveal some information, but hold back an important detail that teases the reader to keep going or to buy.
  • Blind – These tease you with benefits and an idea of what information the product will reveal without actually giving anything away.

In my “Expanded Bullet” technique, you’ll use half-blind or give away bullets and then turn them into a full email. You’ll reveal a lot and then include a teaser at the end.

Let me explain.

You want each autoresponder message to convince your prospect to read the next one. To do that, you need to give your reader something significant. Something useful. Something that will get them thinking, “Wow… That’s something I can really use. I can’t wait to see what they send next.”

By giving away valuable information in every autoresponder message you’ll develop a bond with your readers. They’ll trust you. And they’ll read your emails.

Okay, so that’s the background and the general idea behind preparing to write. Now for the actual writing…

  • Pick one piece of information that you’re going to reveal.
  • Refer to your notes and determine if you’ll write a quick tip or a longer message. You want more of the messages in the autoresponder series to be in a longer format, but some quick tips sprinkled in won’t hurt.
  • Start telling your story. Remember to give away some useful information, then tease a little bit at the end … pointing back to where in the product readers can get more information. Include order information.
  • Then repeat this process for every note you took as you went through your product. You’ll have ample material for your autoresponder series, and you’ll create emails your prospects actually want to open and read instead of sort straight to the trashcan.

Why prospects STILL BUY even after you give away some of your best information

You aren’t alone if you’re thinking, “If I give away all my best tips, people won’t buy and if they do buy, they’ll be asking for refunds right and left.”

It doesn’t actually work that way, for a couple of reasons.

First, you’ve been building a great relationship with your customers, so they’re predisposed to being happy with their purchase. Even though some of what they learn will have a familiar ring, it’ll reinforce what they learned in the autoresponder series and validate thoughts you’ve already planted in their head. That’s actually a pleasant feeling, so they’ll really enjoy your materials.

Second, people get more information than they can possible store. Even if they’ve experienced similar ideas, there will still be some newness to them… some fresh insight or a new way to look at things.

If you’re still concerned, give this method a try and see what results it delivers for you or your clients. I’m betting you’ll be pleased.

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