New to Copywriting? B2B Copywriting is a Great Place to Start


Find out why B2B copywriting is a great field for any copywriter—but especially those just getting started. If you’re new to copywriting, then consider writing for the B2B market. Steve Slaunwhite explains why B2B copywriting is such a great field.


Just picture it. You go to the beach. You’re relaxing in the sun. And you notice out in the water, there’s a middle-aged guy trying to surf. Clearly, it’s his first time. Can you imagine anything more entertaining?

Try being that guy. While vacationing in Australia, I decided to learn to surf. At the start of the lesson I grabbed a surfboard, and made my way into the waves.

My instructor’s words gave me a little comfort. “Don’t worry, mate,” he said.  This is a beginner’s paradise. The waves are nice and low. Predictable, too… you’ll do great.”

And he was right. It only took two tries before I was up on my board, riding a four-foot wave for fifteen feet. It was awesome!

The experience reminded me that there are perfect conditions for beginning copywriters, too… a beginner’s paradise if you’re just launching your copywriting career.

Allow me to introduce you to B2B copywriting.

Business-to-business, or B2B, may just be the best opportunity these days for beginning copywriters to:

  • get started and succeed quickly,
  • land clients fast, and
  • earn a high-level income within a fairly short time frame.

Now you might wonder why I recommend B2B copywriting over other markets, especially to beginning copywriters.

Well, for starters, B2B is a huge market. puts the number of business-to-business companies in North America at 8 million. A lot of those 8 million need help with their copywriting.

If you promote yourself effectively and turn in good work, you’re bound to find some great clients. And you’ll never be short of prospects!

Secondly, B2B companies need a lot of marketing materials. Brochures, white papers, ads, websites, emails-they need them all to help sell their products and services.

That means you can land a ton of B2B copywriting work with a single client.

It might also surprise you to learn that there’s an honest-to-goodness shortage of B2B copywriters who know their stuff. I get calls all the time from marketing managers of B2B companies asking if I’m available or able to recommend someone who is.

As a good B2B copywriter, chances are, you’ll find yourself in high demand.

That isn’t all though. The scariest part of launching your copywriting career is landing those first clients-especially if you don’t have a lot of samples. But in B2B you don’t need a lot of writing samples.

B2B marketing managers don’t hire freelancers based solely on your previous work. They want to know other things about you, too, such as job experience, education, professional courses that you’ve taken, and so on.

You don’t need a lot of samples…

So even if your portfolio is short a few samples, you can still approach B2B clients with confidence by highlighting the other experiences and skills you bring to the deal.

I recently worked with a new copywriter who had very few writing samples. Despite the lack of previous work to show, she landed a great B2B client within the first few weeks of starting her business. How? She had a background in event planning in the seminar industry. She approached prospects in that industry for freelance work. Her first client hired her because they were impressed with her knowledge of the industry, not because she had a laundry list of samples to show.

When I launched my B2B copywriting business years ago, I had no portfolio at all. But my background in sales along with the letter I wrote to promote my services landed me my first client, and after that everything became much easier.

Now I’m not saying that great writing samples don’t carry any weight with B2B clients. They do. But, in the B2B market, there are lots of ways you can break in-a great portfolio is just one possibility.

There’s one more reason beginners should consider B2B copywriting-there’s not a lot of competition.

You’ll find you don’t have to submit a bunch of spec pieces or struggle endlessly to get noticed in this industry. Beginners have a good shot at landing a few good clients fairly quickly. It doesn’t take long to fill your schedule with good-paying projects.

Based on all that, I think you’ll agree. If you’re just starting out as a new copywriter-or if you’re looking for some great new opportunities-the B2B market is one that you should seriously consider.


Steve Slaunwhite

Creator of AWAI\'s bestselling program, \"Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy\". Instructor at the semi-annual B2B Virtual Workshop. I enjoy helping writers make it big in the business-to-business market!

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