Turning Puppies Into Profits and What it Means to Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Learn how to quickly build strong relationships with your prospects through great email marketing. Jay White provides some useful tips on how you can “turn puppies into profits” with your email marketing.


I was out and about with my family last weekend and we happened by the local pet store. We’re not in the market for a dog-that position has already been filled. But my kids love to check out the puppies anyway… what kid doesn’t?

What I saw, though, was actually a great marketing lesson… one that could have a lasting positive effect on your email autoresponders and other email marketing campaigns.

At most pet shops, there’s a layer of glass between you and the puppies. You can look, but you can’t touch. At this pet store, they have customer cubicles where people can spend some hands-on time with the dog of their choice.

Just imagine the impact. Instead of fawning over how cute a puppy is through a pane of Plexiglas, you get to hold the little guy. You get to feel how soft his fur is and feel first hand how wiggly and squirmy he is.

What a BRILLIANT idea!

Standing there, watching people wait for their chance to play with a puppy, I couldn’t help but want to applaud the marketing genius behind it all. They weren’t just selling puppies… they were establishing relationships.

And what parent could resist? I mean once they’ve seen the way their child’s face lights up while playing with a cute little puppy, are they really going to say no to taking the cute little fur-ball home.

This is an advanced marketing technique that you can apply just as effectively to your email marketing campaigns. In fact, email autoresponder series provide the perfect opportunity to create meaningful relationships with your prospects.

When you take the time to establish a relationship with your prospects through a series if well-written emails, you’ll find something amazing happens. Your conversions will start to go through the roof.

Now, when you do email copywriting, you’ll find that building a relationship works a little differently than in a pet store. You can’t crawl into your prospect’s lap and lick their face… that would just be weird.

But you can build a bridge of trust between you and your prospect. Use your emails to help them get to know and like you. When you do this, chances are you’ll build a relationship that will lead to not one sale, but many sales over the years.

So how do you establish a relationship through email? Well, you need to include three simple elements in each email you send.

First, be open. You want to be transparent… to give people a sneak peak into your real life. In my own experience, the emails I’ve written that have been the most profitable are those that are the most personal. They might include a funny thing the kids did, a popular TV show, or even a visit to the pet store. ;)
 Give your prospects a look inside your real life, and they’ll feel as though you trust them–just like a friend. It’s just a small leap from believing you trust them to them beginning to trust you.

The next element is honesty. Have you ever gotten an email that was just completely unbelievable? Doesn’t it just chap you a little bit? Honesty is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship so it’s imperative that you be honest in your email marketing campaigns. Be honest, and your prospects will reward that integrity by purchasing from you–over and over again.

Finally, be generous. People sign up for email lists to receive something of value. Deliver it to them! Every email you send should offer something that’s helpful to your readers, whether it be a content-based series that teaches or the answer to a certain want, need, desire, or problem they’re experiencing.

Let’s face it–email inboxes are busy these days. You aren’t the only email marketer vying for your prospect’s attention. Make sure you deliver everything you promised–and even MORE. Before long, you’ll find that you’re a premier source for information in your niche, and will go a long way towards creating a profitable relationship.

These three email copywriting methods can strengthen the bond between you and your prospects, and that will help you boost your conversion rates and make you an invaluable resource for your clients.

Jay White

Jay White

After working as an award-winning radio copywriter and catalog writer, Jay White made the switch to autoresponder copy and is one of the most sought-after writers in the industry.

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