Four Ways to Land Your Dream Client

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Imagine you had a behind-the-scenes look at how some of my top web copywriters came to be on my list of go-to writers. Think of what it would be like to read over my shoulder the email that cinches a gig. Or to listen in on a phone call as someone pitches me on a web project that I simply can’t turn down.

If your goal is to be a successful web copywriter, then this kind of information would be invaluable to you. You could use the approaches and techniques of others who’ve perfected landing big clients to land your own dream clients.

Today, that’s exactly what I want to give you. I want to take you behind the scenes so you can see how four different web writers landed spots on my go-to list.

First, I’d like to introduce you to Henry.

Hot List Technique #1: Bring a new idea to the table.

Henry Bingaman’s idea was simple-take our Money-Making Website program and target a younger audience through a Facebook campaign. But it was one we hadn’t thought of or tried.

Henry attended AWAI’s Web Copy Intensive in February. During the event I had given away over 50 spec challenges, one of them for Nick Usborne’s Money-Making Websites program. It was clear to Henry that launching Nick’s program successfully was at the top of my priority list.

He figured landing a project tied to that product was his best shot at getting his foot in the door with AWAI. So, he made his pitch for a Facebook campaign, and it definitely set him apart from the crowd.

The Facebook test didn’t yield the results we were after, but Henry proved himself to be a decent writer, creative, and committed to meeting deadlines. Based on those qualities ,I’ve since sent Henry more work and made him a referral to a big name client in the industry.

The key to Henry’s approach was to give me an idea tied to a project that he could take on for me. It worked like a charm.

Next I’d like to introduce you to Sid …

Hot List Technique #2: Improve an existing tool.

Sid Smith participating in our blog-off. Through his blog entries, he demonstrated his writing talent and knowledge of the industry. But then he went a step further, and that extra commitment and effort got my attention.

Sid didn’t win our blog-off, but that didn’t stop him from contacting me after the competition. He sent me a list of things I could do to the AWAI blogging platform to improve it.

Because of that extra effort, I gave Sid several assignments writing articles for AWAI and those projects have opened the door for some larger, more lucrative copywriting and marketing projects.

Now, I’d like you to meet Pam …

Hot List Technique #3: Help clients to focus on their goals.

Pam Foster might already be familiar to you. She’s the author of The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits, the 7-step plan that ensures success with every web client from day one.

Pam Foster is brilliant when it comes to follow-up. Whenever we meet, she takes a genuine and persistent interest in my current, important goals. Then she uses her fresh knowledge of those goals to land more projects.

Pam has single-handedly been responsible for checking more items off my to-do list over the past several years than just about anyone else. Most recently, she used this approach to land a project helping me launch a new website I’ve been working on.

And finally, meet Roy …

Hot List Technique #4: Make your client’s life easier.

Without a doubt, AWAI keeps me busy. Getting you the best information through Wealthy Web Writer is both my highest priority, and one of the things I love most about my job. But I also co-manage AWAI with Katie and run our online marketing program. It’s common for my schedule to keep me running.

Roy Furr saw that, and used it as an opportunity to get his foot in the door. He offered to “bear some of the burden” by writing a few issues of Wealthy Web Writer for me. His proposal was perfect. He gave me the outline for each article and demonstrated his writing skills in the rest of his email. It was a no-brainer to accept.

Henry, Sid, Pam and Roy are just four of my “go to” web writers. I have ongoing copy needs-more projects than any one person can handle, and I am always on the lookout for more talented web writers.

That’s true for just about every web marketer I talk to …

There are thousands of potential clients out there-people who are just waiting someone like you to contact them with a new way to market or improve their current marketing or help them achieve their goals or simply make their life easier.

The opportunities are there for any web copywriter prepared to go after them. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make an Internet marketer’s day – while landing a new client at the same time!

Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter

President of American Writers and Artists, Inc and founder of Wealthy Web Writer, Rebecca has over 20 years of direct marketing and publishing experience.

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