How to Market with Online Video

Find out how online video marketing can help you grow your Internet business no matter what you do. Online video is hotter than a summer day in the Sahara. Find out how you can use video to attract new clients and build your writing business.

The Next Big Opportunity: Marketing with Online Video

By Rebecca Matter

Online Video Movie IconJust the other day I discovered the power of online video marketing firsthand.

You see, I need a local web developer for a new project I’m undertaking. I spent a little time searching in Google. As you can imagine, there were a lot of possibilities, but one in particular stood out.

When I clicked on this particular developer’s pay-per-click ad, I didn’t get the typical landing page. Instead he walked me through his portfolio and services using an online video. When the video ended, I had the opportunity to submit my name and email address so he could follow up with me. I hadn’t really intended to start a conversation with anyone that early in the research phase, but his video grabbed me and got me to take action right away.

Whether you’re an Internet marketer with your own online business or a web writer working to create more conversions for your clients, online video could spell the next big thing for your career.

You can use online video to market your own products and services. You can use it to create new content for your website. Or you can offer your talents as an online video marketer as one of your services.

Why online video marketing? Why now?

Think for a moment about the email you’ve received in the last week and about the websites you’ve visited.

Chances are at least a few of those web pages and emails used video to grab your attention and to persuade you to take action.

Marketing with online video gives you the opportunity to make all kinds of calls to action… from clicking a link to visit a website… to placing an order for a product… to joining an eletter subscriber list… to requesting more information about a service… to making a donation to charity… to filling out a survey.

Do you have to be an expert to become an online video marketer?

That’s a categorical no. There are many facets to online video marketing many different roles you can play. In the end, you might decide to specialize in one skill or in many. Either way, it’s a good plan to have some basic knowledge of all the roles that go into make a successful online video promotion.

From getting clients to the pre-production phase to the actual shoot to editing to delivery… if you have basic knowledge of them all, you’ll be ready to head up any video marketing project that comes your way.

Adding online video marketing to your repertoire will give you endless opportunities to customize your career.

A great opportunity for copywriters

If you’re a copywriter, online video marketing offers you a great opportunity to expand your services. Every online video promotion requires a script… and a good copywriter to write it.

The bottom line is online video is another direct response medium. To succeed the video has to be persuasive enough to convince visitors to take action… something a good copywriter knows all about.

If you do begin offering online video copywriting as a service, you can expect to be paid between $100 to $500 per page… and a page of video is quite a bit shorter than your standard page of copy.

Plus, if you decide to combine your writing with other services like storyboarding, production, project management, or video editing, you could add an additional $50 to $200 per hour to your fees!

Online video-marketing specialist Jessica Kizorek has been doing this for quite a while. Nowadays, her fees start at $10,000 per project… and she often takes on multiple projects at a time.

Talk about great earning potential.

How to do you get started as a video marketer?

Like I said, you don’t have to be an expert to become a successful online video marketer. You do have to want to learn new things. And you do need to be able to decide what aspects of this exciting career you want to pursue.

There are lots of opportunities to specialize. You could become a top-notch cameraperson or an in-demand script writer or an awesome video editor.

Remember, your first step is to understand the full process. Then you can choose which areas you want to learn more about an offer as a service to your clients.

What about expensive equipment?

Depending on what type of online video marketing service you want to offer, investing in equipment might be totally unnecessary.

You could focus on writing scripts… no investment necessary.

Or you could get involved in filming. In that case you’d need a camera, some software, and a tripod.

To get started, though, you don’t need to funnel a lot of money into special equipment. You can start small and then as your business grows you can invest more in the tools of your trade.

Is this a good opportunity in a tough economy?

Definitely. Video is growing even in the down economy… according to research firm eMarketer, companies will quadruple spending on online video over the next two years.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Online video is cheaper to produce and distribute than other types of video. That makes it a great way to test new ideas and to drive traffic to your clients’ website.

Online video is a growing and exciting field with a variety of opportunities. No matter what your line of interest, you are almost certain to find something in online video marketing that appeals to you and that you can build on to increase your success as freelancer.

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  • I’ve created about a dozen short videos over the last two weeks and have uploaded them to YouTube and a few other sites.

    I use a Flip camera. It records in MP4.

    I would like to be able to put some text on the bottom of the video that would include my phone number and/or url.

    Can anyone recommend software that will do the job?

    This is one of my videos:

  • Hi Alston,

    If you’re on Windows, you can use Movie Maker. If you’re using a Mac, it came bundled with iMovie. Both are free movie editing software that are free with their respective OS.

    You can also use YouTube’s annotation editor to add text on your video, but you won’t have as much control as with a movie editor.

    Hope that helps!


  • If you don’t mind spending a little money, I’ve had some good success with Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio.

  • Thanks for the input. The output from my camera is in mp4 format.

    I don’t think that Movie Maker will work for me. I’m going to try the Sony Vegas software. I just downloaded the free trial.

  • Thanks to Sid, I spent a big chunk of my weekend figuring out the Sony Vegas software, but I learned how to add titles and a banner on the bottom with my url and phone number.

    Its a little too much fun. (Watching your own video over and over is also an exercise in narcissism.) I’ll have to limit my time editing my videos for some of the same reasons we limit our 4-year-old’s TV and computer game time.

    I put the edited video on this page:

    Why buy Connecticut Health Insurance from us

    My costs for my “movie studio” is about $300.

    $185 for the Flip camera plus the tripod and other accessories.
    $85 for the Sony Vegas Software. (There is also a $40 version that would probably work just as well.)
    $30 for two floor lamps from Ikea.

    I may buy some better lights eventually and or a backdrop, but that should be about it.

    I shoot in our guest bedroom. I few books on top of the dresser to get the camera to the right height, then knelt on the bed when I shot the video linked to above. I can move all the equipment out of the room when we have guests in about 5 minutes.

    I’ll have to do some A/B tests to make sure that the video increases my conversions and my bottom line. But my plan is to create video for most of my future near daily blog posts.

    • Love the video, Alston! You have great energy and your personality really comes through. The video also has some great salesmanship behind it. Bravo!

      I do have a couple of suggestions for future videos.

      One is actually a suggestion that Roy Furr gave me in a critique of a video I made… If you’re going to dress up, wear a jacket. It just adds that extra little layer of professionalism that some people feel comfortable with.

      You might want to consider something in the background like a bookshelf or framed certificates/diplomas. This just adds a flavor of credibility in addition to some scenery.

      But overall, I think you did an outstanding job.

  • I put on a suit jacket for my last video. (I have on jeans too, but they are out of frame.) I may add some books, diplomas or awards later.

    Health insurance stop loss – things you may not know

    I’m creating a series of tips that should be useful to those who are shopping for insurance. I’m asking people to opt-in to an email list that includes these tips. The email will include their quotes, if they have given us the information to generate quotes, a text-based tip plus links to a video that speaks to the same topic.

    Hopefully, the videos will “break the ice” and make people feel more comfortable about requesting health insurance quotes or calling us and asking for advice.

    Time and Google Analytics will tell. (I just discovered that you can use Google Analytics to help determine the success of an email campaign.) I stumbled across the following earlier in the week:

    I haven’t tried the suggestions yet, so I can’t endorse the above. However, I can’t wait to try it. (My alter ego is pure geek. I’m a self-taught programmer.)

    • Thanks for the email tracking link for Analytics. I’ve done this in the past, but not to the degree discussed in the article. If you’re using something like Aweber for your email list, they’ll do all the tracking as well (and it’s a lot easier to implement). I’ll look into this a bit more.

      I agree that the videos will help to break the ice. Let us know how it goes!

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