How to create your own successful information products

Self-publishing expert Gary Scott reveals seven qualities of successful information products. Information products are the fastest way to make a ton of money online. Learn how to create a successful information product from a pro.

information-product2Seven Qualities of Successful Information Products

By Gary Scott

Did you know that half our nations economy is built on information marketing and information products? That’s makes information products a 5 trillion dollar industry!

The fact is Americans have an undeniable thirst for information. We want people to tell us how we can be healthier … wealthier … more beautiful … and especially smarter and more informed.

Getting into information marketing and creating your own information products is the surest, safest way I’ve found to make six or even seven figures.

To succeed, you need to know how to develop an information product that people need AND want to spend money on… preferably on a subscription basis. What’s great about this business is that you can actually use information products as your marketing vehicle, too. Creating information products and doing information marketing aren’t hard. You just need to understand the qualities that make for a successful product.

Quality #1: You Need an Interesting Idea

Your idea needs to resonate with your target audience. The best ideas are interesting because they connect with a genuine fundamental aspect of life.

The first step in identifying an interesting idea is picking an idea that interests you. By focusing on what interests you, you’ll find you enjoy the research and writing process more.

Next, you need to make sure it’s interesting to other people, too.

One of my early successes had to do with teaching U.S. investors to invest globally. It was an interesting idea then, and remained so for many years.

On the other hand, some ideas are just passing trends. They may be interesting now, but they don’t have staying power.

Truly interesting ideas will survive the test of time.

Quality #2: Your Idea Must be Legal and Ethical.

I once got a mailing about how I could send First Class letters for only 3 cents! Even the stamp on the envelope was for 3 cents.

I was intrigued. Postage was a huge expense for my business at the time. So I spent $12 to learn more.

I received a single photocopied page telling me to just stick a 3-cent stamp on all my letters and most of them would go through-the post office wouldn’t catch them. While that may have been true, it wasn’t ethical or legal.

Bad idea!

Quality #3: Search for an idea that’s attractive.

Your idea has to be magnetic. It needs to pull in first-time buyers or it won’t succeed.

Attractive ideas appeal to emotions. The emotions themselves don’t have to be pleasant. They just have to resonate. For example, one successful ad had a headline that said, “I’m mad as heck at the government for cheating us – here’s how to get even.” It’s not a nice sentiment, but it is attractive. And effective.

Quality #4: Your idea should be useful

You want to fill some need for your reader. If you can do that you’ll gain repeat customers.

A publication can be useful in many ways. It can be entertaining. Or informative. Or inspirational. Or motivating. But it must make the reader feel they are coming away with a lasting benefit.

Quality #5: Your idea should be clear.

When Steven Hawking wrote “A Brief History of Time” it became a best-seller for more than a year. Unfortunately the people who bought it didn’t read it. And they didn’t buy his next book. The ideas were just too complicated.

Ask yourself whether or not your information is understandable for your target market. An interesting idea will sell one book. An interesting idea that’s also clear and useful will sell many books, and that’s how you build a successful information business.

Quality #6: Search for ideas that are timely.

Tune into the world around you. If your ideas are out of step with the current culture, they probably won’t gain traction. Understanding the importance of timeliness will help you change, update, and innovate your publications constantly. That will keep your ideas fresh and your sales rolling.

Quality #7: Make it sellable.

If nobody’s buying, you won’t build much of an income. You can meet every other criteria on the list, but without this one, you’re sunk.

Define your market and create a plan for marketing your information products. This is a crucial step.

When I first launched my global investing publication, I was out of sync with most American investors, and initially the publication failed. But then I learned to tap into and target the small percentage of Americans who were interested. With that focus, the publication went on to succeed.

So there you go. Creating and marketing information products is so incredibly lucrative that you might find yourself hiring copywriters within a year or two because you’ll be too focused on developing your next great information product to be bothered with writing your sales letters!

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