A Simple Secret That Could Help You Net $30,000 Marketing on the Internet

Learn the four characteristics of great online content that is the key to making money online. In the beginning, it’s not about the money. There’s a simple secret you’ll learn in this article that will help you to make much more money online, and much more quickly. But, please… do NOT focus on the money. That’s the biggest mistake people make, and in this article, you’ll learn what you should be doing.


If you want to begin making money online writing for the web or marketing on the Internet, there’s a crucial mistake you must avoid.

It’s tempting to begin your new project by focusing on how you’ll make money from your website. You might want to research what products you can sell or what kinds of ads you can display.

There’s a problem with the plan, though.

By focusing on how to make money, you can actually reduce your chances of success. That’s because you’re overlooking the most important part of making money online.

You Need Content

You need content. Lots of great, unique, original content. That’s what will determine the success of your website.

This makes sense when you think about it. The vast majority of people use the Internet to find information. If your site doesn’t have great content, people won’t find you. You won’t rank well on search engines. Other sites won’t link to you. When people do stumble across your site, they’ll just leave again because you don’t have the information they’re looking for. You’re just trying to sell something.

Whether you’re writing for the web or marketing on the Internet, if you plan to have a website, you need to plan for great content. First.

AWAI member Mike Ervin can tell you how important this is from his own first-hand experience.

When he decided to come out of his second retirement, he put in the time and effort to become a registered patent agent-something he really enjoyed. He set up a website and it flopped. He didn’t get a single client from his site. He had to rely completely on referrals to keep his business going.

Then he attended an AWAI bootcamp, and he had a breakthrough. It was while talking with Bob Bly, and this is the advice Bob gave him: “Load up your website with a lot of good content so people will find you.”

The proverbial light bulb went off, and Mike got to work. He rebuilt his site centering it around good, useful content. The results have been huge-he’s landed three new clients worth $10,000 each in the course of three months that’s $30,000 from using this one proven technique.

According to Mike he hasn’t even taken a step toward monetizing his site. There are no ads, no affiliate products… just his content and his services. And what a different the content is making.

Four characteristics of winning content

So, it’s easy to say you need good content, right? But it’s a different matter when it comes to writing it.

Fortunately, we’ve got Nick Usborne to guide us. According to him, great content has four characteristics.

First, it has personality and a clear voice. Even though there might be thousands of registered patent agents online, there’s only one Mike Ervin. His unique voice and set of experiences sets him apart, and make his content more engaging. Too many people try to play it safe and end up writing bland copy as a result. Avoid that trap and really be yourself.

Second, it’s credible. People don’t make purchases from people they don’t trust. If you write unbelievable copy-and I don’t mean that in a good way you’ll lose sales. If it’s transparent that your only interest is in making money, they’ll skip out and go find another site with a more genuine interest in being of service. Be honest, fair, and authentic and you’ll do well.

Third, it has to, HAS TO be interesting. This should go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Engage your visitors. Get them thinking. Present them with new ideas. Or entertain them. Don’t take short cuts. You might think you can succeed with content-creating software or pulling your content from article banks, but you can’t. Do your research, look for the interesting facts, use a conversational tone, and you’ll be well on your way.

Also, remember to pay attention to your keyword research for content ideas. Those are the ideas people are actually looking for, so make good use of them.

Finally, if your content isn’t useful, it’s useless. You need to give away valuable information on your website. Answer questions. Provide solutions. Your ultimate goal is to have your visitors leave feeling better off for having visited.

Creating great content is key to your online success. Whether you plan to make money on the web through web writing or Internet marketing, your own website needs to convey a clear benefit. And you do that with great content.


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